Nursing Philosophy

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Philosophy of Nursing
Definition of Nursing

If I were to be born again, I would not hesitate to become a nurse. Nursing is defined as “the protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities by preventing illness and alleviate suffering” (Ana, 2010, p. 66). This concept contains everything I admire about my profession. When people ask me what it is for me to be a nurse, an avalanche of ideas going through my mind. For a person like me, who has become a nurse twice, this career means something that is difficult to express in words.
In the country where I was born, the nursing profession did not provide a salary that would allow you to pay your expenses. When I decided, with only
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The nurse must be observant, tough, critical, and question everything related to patient care if thinks that something might be inappropriate. I have had the joy of working as a nurse in two very different countries, however, the values and principles of my profession are the same. According to The National League for Nursing, 2013, the main core values of nursing are caring, integrity, diversity, and excellence. I believe that the daily practice of these values help us to become better nurses. There is no greater satisfaction than to comfort a patient and bring a smile to his face. I believe that to be compassionate sometimes we should put ourselves in the shoes of others. As a professional and as a human being, I believe in the importance of providing adequate care to my patients, while maintaining safety principles. For me it is very important to create a relationship of trust and understanding with my patients and their families. Following my scope of practice and incorporating clinical knowledge will enrich my values and beliefs that care and compassion towards patients are the fundamental bases of the nursing …show more content…
In May of 2016, this great country gave me the opportunity of become a nurse for second time in my life. During the pinning ceremony while repeated the Nightingale Pledge, I realized that no matter in what part of the world you 're a nurse; your values and principles will always be the same. My philosophy of nursing is to provide quality care to my patients and advocate for the safety, fair treatment and equal health promotion for all, regardless of the place of origin or culture from which they come. It is a great honor for me to be a nurse and I will work hard every day to bring the name of this honorable profession to its highest

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