I Want To Be A Nurse Essay

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Nursing is not only a career to me, but also a passion. Nursing to me, is an inborn trait that I mostly expressed to other people when I was growing up. My passion to be a nurse was influenced by my parents who were healthcare professionals. Moreover, I think I have gained more skills by watching and learning more about nurses and henceforth contributed to my desire of being a nurse. The reason why I want to be a nurse, is majorly to give back to the community through my caring and compassion attributes. Being a nurse also opens up opportunities to work with diverse number of people from different walks of life. Like many other fields in healthcare, nursing practice is based on its philosophies. Philosophy is the fundamentals of nature and reality based on theory on the way of doing and the way of being. Philosophy of nursing is a continuous journey that one discovers as one embarks in the self-discovery journey. It is unending once in the field due to …show more content…
Nursing practice involves being exposed to outside world rather than clinical setting. Nursing is diverse which means, by being a nurse, I will not be limited to clinical setting rather than giving back to the community. It is therefore crucial to provide care to other people regardless of their differences. As a nurse, I will be open to anyone who needs help and care. I will work to understand that there are different people from all walks of life with different cultures and believes which may affect my nursing practice to them. It is therefore important to be open- minded as a nurse to be able to provide care to different people.
From the above philosophies, it is clear, that being a nurse, I will have the obligation of not only taking care of my clients, but also encompassing the society as a whole. It is therefore important to be sharpen up my interpersonal skills and think critically to provide care and service to

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