Nursing Philosophy Research Paper

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This paper, “Nursing Philosophy Paper” explores the nursing philosophy based on my personal values and vision. Nursing is back bone of medical science and clinical practice. It includes patient and family centered care of children, adults and older persons. It also includes prevention of disease and cure of problems faced by individuals. Nurse is care giver, educator, advocate and server at the same time. Nurse not only is involved in medication administration and providing treatments but also the body, mind and soul of an individual. The basic characteristics of a nurse include a person, who completes appropriate training from an authorized institute for specified period of time. The person also completes the mandatory skills and passes the state board of nursing examination (N-CLEX). During training she/he also completes the clinical rotations which make that person able to deliver effective safe care. Using nursing process, a nurse helps the patient come out of the acute situation and maintain near normal condition by using her/his skills. The Author personally believe in nursing care which is holistic including care body soul and mind at same time using knowledge, education and skills in collaborative manner.
The author has experience of about two decades in the field of medicine
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People from all over the world come her as this the “The land of Opportunities”. These people who are from diverse geographic locations have different personalities, age, gender, sexual orientation, physical abilities, ethnicity and race. The author is well aware of cultural diversity which is inclusion of the mix. Stereotyping, misjudging because of incorrect assumptions and its consequences are not good for nurse practice. The nurse should be aware of hazards of racial jokes or a prejudicial comment. The author is completed the certificate class on Beginning Diversity 101, which will be helpful in daily nurse

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