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Nursing is a profession, so being a student; I can learn to socialize in to professional practice. This learning will help me to develop myself to the professionalism of nursing. I will develop the characteristics of autonomous and accountable of my practice. Not only that, I will be committed to my work and profession.
Being a member of a committee responsible for deciding which nursing research projects to provide fund for, I believe, who are the participants in the research have high priority. For example, whether humans are involved or not; the rights of participants’ have protected or not have high priority. Basically, every nurse should be and will be involved in minimum level of research. After I do any research in nursing, I will apply
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When I was very young, he told me to be a good nurse like the one who took care of him. From that day, I wanted to be a nurse and take care good care of sick people. When I grew up, I personally like this profession, too, so I choose nursing as my career. I really want to be a nurse. So, are there any alternatives to become a nurse if I do not become success in my first nursing school? I have this question only in case of any emergency situation if happen to me during nursing school. I honestly decide to continue with nursing as my major. I heard a lot that nursing is very hard. It is very competitive to get in to nursing school. I understand that none of the profession is easy, so I continue the prerequisites of nursing. I was very confident that I would get in to one of nursing school, so I applied to El-Centro community college for Associate Degree in Nursing. I also had a back up plan, so I transfer to UTA, and I am taking more prerequisites for bachelor degree because soon or later I am going to do bachelor in nursing. Luckily, I get accepted, so I will continue my ADN nursing program at El Centro. I am also confident that I will become success in nursing school if I do not encounter any emergency, which will make me to drop from the

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