Nurse Manager Skills Inventory

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Advocacy is considered as a major element of nursing practice both “politically, socially, professionally, and academically” (Sanford, n.d.). Self-assessment is important for individual nurse to grow. The aim of this essay is to use the “Nurse Manager Skills Inventory.” In which I will identify my strengths and weaknesses in the following areas: Personal and professional accountability; Career planning; Personal journey disciplines; Reflective practice reference behaviors. Also discuss how I will use my leadership skill in advocating for change in my workplace. Finally, discuss my goal for my growth in leadership and how my plan will be carried out to achieve my goal.

Personal and professional accountability
After a self-inventory, I have found out that I have a passion for nursing, and I believe is what encourages me to continue no matter the circumstances. I rate myself as a hardworking, and love to take care of people. The number one reason I choose nursing profession is because, I see myself
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The nurse leaders’ contributions to outcomes are very significant to me. I have been having constant desire, since I join the nursing profession to learn and grow in the knowledge of this honorable profession. This has increased my search on the important nursing disciplines. With training in management and the importance of teamwork, I look forward to form a great team at my working place which aimed at providing quality care to patients. My strength is that I am a self-disciplined person. I love to see my goals accomplished very fast and my dream obtained. Creativity and imagination are my best friends. I am very happy that I’m completing my BSN program which is one of the best investments that I have made. This is now a stepping stone for furthering other degrees in

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