Personal Leadership Style: Strengths

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Personal Leadership Style: Strengths, Challenges and Future Directions The nursing profession needs more leaders to create new opportunities and promote public health. To develop leaders, current nurses must start with self-leadership skills, because one cannot lead others without having personal leadership. In this paper, I will evaluate my personal leadership skills based on select personality assessments, and the improvements that I personally need to become a more effective leader when I become an advanced nurse practitioner. I will also evaluate a transformational nursing leader to ascertain what skills I can learn and hone to enhance my leadership style.
Summary Personal Leadership Style and Abilities
Most of my nursing career, I
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The MDNA institute (2016) classified me as also being motivated by Intuitive Alignment and Fulfillment (IAF) which I think Loretta Ford may have also been motivated by this. The MDNA institute states that IAF’s biggest strength is being an advocate, and these types tend to lead with a quiet sensitivity. This is similar to Loretta Ford. Kathy Rideout, the current Dean of the University Of Rochester School Of Nursing stated, "Loretta has a quiet leadership style. She is a listener, she is a great thinker, and she has the ability to really put you at ease," Rideout said. "That 's really at the heart of who she is" (CNN, 2011). Like Ford, I can use my sensitivity to empower my patients as a nurse practitioner and to lead by example with my …show more content…
Since I am an introvert, I will have to be more intentional to build a leadership network. I can start by being more active in graduate school activities, by sitting on more committees at work, and by seeking other professional nurse leaders out to mentor me. As I continue my graduate degree, I will be more intentional about networking with other nurse leaders.
As an advanced nurse practitioner, my current personality tendencies will help me advocate for my patients and improve public health. According to my personality assessments, I also have tendencies to be compassionate, intuitive, and forgiving. However, by recognizing some of my weaknesses like perfectionism, courageousness and bravery, I can set personal goals to help me develop my own self leadership qualities. I need to strengthen by leadership skills to be a more effective leader as an advanced nurse practitioner to be able to promote public health and create more opportunities for the nursing

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