Nurse Leader And Advocacy Essay

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Combining Nurse Leader With Advocacy Nurses have important role in health care setting. Advocacy for other nurses and profession create positive influence at workplace. Nurse’s role as a leader and advocate is very essential to provide safe and quality care to patients. “The IOM specifically recognizes the need for strong and capable leadership if the vision for transforming healthcare is to ever be realized. The report suggests that the nursing profession must produce leader at every level of the system and accept key leadership position in policy, politics, organizations and practice”(Nursing center, 2016). This paper discusses author’s the strength and weakness related to the personal and professional accountability, career planning, personal …show more content…
She struggled so hard from the beginning of her nursing career and continues until now. Her continuous motivation and set of discipline expand her knowledge and experiences in her career. She did necessary training and certification to update her knowledge. She enjoys her bedside nursing job. She supports her patient when they need the most. To keep update she use online blogs, nursing website, current journal and magazines etc. She applies her knowledge and experience in every day practices. Her weakness is not being able to participate in family social …show more content…
Leader assists others to accomplish their greatest potential. Nurses have opportunity to make a positive impact through everyday advocacy for other nurses and profession. “Through variety of educational and advocacy activities, our work increases the leadership capacity of nurses to advance health and lead change” (ANA, 2016). Nurse’s advocacy skills are important for a safe and healthy work environment. Advocacy is a part of daily activity whether it comes to colleagues, self or organization. She has power to influence colleague by being a role model in team. She work on behalf of self and others to raise awareness of any concern and find solutions to the issues. She utilizes evidence base practice to have better patient outcome. She use the skills to the profession through teaching, mentoring, peer review, involvement in professional links, community service etc. (Tomajan, K., 2012). She uses skills like problem solving, effective communication, teamwork, teaching, peer review and mentoring etc. She use shared governance (SG) to have advocacy role. SG provides strategies for empowering nurses and organization, this helps nurses chance to express and manage their practice with higher level of professional autonomy so that nurses will provide quality care, which results job satisfaction and nurses’

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