Characteristics Of A Good Nurse Leader

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Since the beginning of her career, The First Lady Michelle Obama has show impeccable respect to herself as a woman, wife, mother and leader, but also has demonstrate respect to others, despite their political differences (Forbes, 2012).
A good leader has to uphold respect for others and recognize the opinion of others regardless of differences. Nurse leaders need to implement the same type of leadership skill in their organization. In order to maintain good relations and most importantly collaboration from the staff, the nurse leader needs to acknowledge every member needs and ideas keeping the respect that everyone in the organization deserves.
Causes are Significant for Leaders
In many of her speeches, Michelle Obama has tried to connect to her people on a deeper level. She has achieved this by talking about her personal experiences, her childhood, her adulthood, her career and her family. By talking about her experiences, she has empowered African American women to obliterate stereotypes. When Michelle Obama shares her own experiences, it makes her more reachable to her followers; they feel more connected to her and grant improved feedback (Forbes, 2012).
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When nurse leaders connect past experiences with current situations, this allows them to get closer to their staff, to become more accessible to them and creates an environment of trust. More importantly, creating goals and innovating ideas from previous experiences can help the staff become united and to the growth of the organization. Nurse leaders should work actively in making changes that are significant to

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