The Concept Of Care In Bed Number Ten, By Sue Baier

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Courage is essential in the nursing profession; but not as essential as caring. Caring is known to be the central aspect of nursing by many professionals (Petrou et al., 2017). “Care is the essence of nursing and the central, dominant, and unifying feature of nursing” according to Leininger in the article by Dahlke and Stahlke (2017). However, care can be shown in many different forms. Larson and Ferketich describe caring not only as a physical treatment, but also encompassing empathy and feeling of safety with your nurse (Petrou et al., 2017). Some regard care only in a pathological sense. However, in nursing, emotional, transpersonal, and a true connectedness with the patients will advance their health.
Since the concept of caring is difficult
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The main character, Sue, was paralyzed with Guillain-Barre. Guillain-Barre is a disease in which the immune systems attacks the nerves restricting movement. She lost control of nearly all movement. The most control she had over her body was a blink of an eye along with the inability to breathe without a respirator. Throughout the book she goes through internal struggles which include anger, depression, vulnerability, and at times doubt. These feelings came from many things, but mainly from the way the nurses and medical professionals treated her. Sadly, some nurses didn’t take the concept of care as seriously as they should. Whether the lack of care was because they weren’t passionate about their jobs, or they didn’t think it’s was important as it really was, it was exemplified in the book numerous times. From ignoring her to not providing proper care, Sue felt helpless. For example, Bruce was Sue’s nurse for the day. He noticed that Sue’s teeth were getting discolored. Even though he had good intentions with his next decision, he went about it in an aggressive and uncaring way. He forcefully opened Sue’s mouth and put peroxide in it to clean her teeth. The peroxide burned Sue’s mouth and the rough motions Bruce used to brush her teeth put her in serious pain. By the end, Sue had tears in her eyes, which Bruce didn’t even notice (Baier & …show more content…
As she was getting neglected, Vickie, Sue’s nurse for the day, noticed that Sue wasn’t clean. Sue hadn’t had her teeth brushed or hair cleaned properly for months. Other nurses never attempted to brush Sue’s teeth because her jaw was locked tight. However, that didn’t stop Vickie from trying, and she was successful. In this situation, Vickie showed genuine care for her patient as well as courage by attempting a task that other nurses were too afraid to do. “Vickie never shied from a challenge” (Baier & Schomaker, 1995, p.70). Vickie did what other nurses thought was impossible and managed to successfully brush her teeth. The small and easy task healthy people do every day made Sue feel much better and more confident in herself. If every nurse acted in the way Vickie did, hospitals and medical settings would be more successful and patients would be much happier with their care. Sometimes the littlest signs of care can make patients day, which leads to a better attitude and improvements in their

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