Essay On Professional Values In Nursing

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Professional Moral Compass in Nursing
Values play a significant role in shaping professional identity by influencing the actions and behaviors of practitioners in their day to day activities. Three fundamental personal values shape my understanding of nursing. To begin with, being a nurse requires a person to be very responsible. Being responsible means that nurses should not only be willing to do what is expected of them but also beyond these expectations as long as it will improve patient conditions. It is the level and sense of responsibility within each nurse that will determine the cases of negligence and poor patient care. Responsibility requires that nurses understand that patients have very high expectations on them and rely on them for almost everything. It is the knowledge that patients have entrusted their lives to them. Having this knowledge helps me as a nurse to have a personal patient-focus, which is not guided by what am required to do but what I can do to improve patient outcomes.
Personal, cultural and spiritual values in my worldview and philosophy of nursing
The second key personal value that has formed my world perspective of nursing is intelligence. Apart from being efficient, nurses need to recognize what they can do to help their patients in various conditions; this includes proficient in procedures, knowledgeable with
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This is especially prevalent with increasing spread of cancer. This situation involves two morally right actions from which the nurse has to choose. If the nurse reveals the information, the patient will be subjected to long periods of pain and anguish. On the other side, allowing the patient to commit suicide is against the professional ethics and is legally wrong. This situation is difficult to choose the right thing since each seems reasonable but they are mutually

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