Examples Of Nursing Core Values

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Nursing Core Values in Action
According to the National League for Nursing (NLN) Education Competencies Model, there are 10 core values for nursing. These values are to assist nurses with providing compassionate, quality care while focusing on the unique needs of patients and their families. These 10 core values are caring, diversity, excellence, integrity, ethical decision making, holism, patient-centeredness, teaching/learning principles, nursing process, and leadership/management (NLN Education Competencies Model 2010). During my clinical rotation with Whitney Melton, APRN, I was able to witness how these core values were used during patient care and I was provided with opportunity to use them myself. As a nurse, it is important that we
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It is seeing a person for who they are and what they believe in regardless to race, gender, or socioeconomic status. I was able to watch how she treated her patients with concern to their illness and without using stereotypical judgements based on gender or socioeconomic status. We cared for male and female patients all of the same race and with like socioeconomic status. I was unable to see how she treats patients with different ethnic or cultural beliefs, due to all our patients were of the same race and socioeconomic status. I did notice that in patients’ history, there was not a mention of what religious preferences they had. By asking the patients what their religious beliefs are, it could provide more information on taking care of them on a spiritual …show more content…
It is being honest to morally and ethically in the nursing profession and in personal life. Mrs. Melton demonstrated this in several ways. She was honest with her patients. She told them of possible side effects they could see while taking medications she prescribed. She also made sure her patients didn’t have to wait long to be seen. She made sure that if she was not busy she went and attended to their needs promptly. She also informed them of possible health risks regarding the medications. She also admitted to making a mistake on a patient she had charted on. She had charted on a patient that had two open charts in the computer. It turned out the chart she had charted on was deleted. She was unable to find where she had charted on her patient. She told the receptionist of the error and asked for help in retrieving the deleted chart in order to add it to the current one in use. She could have ignored the issue. However, she showed honesty and admitted her mistake and requested help from someone that was able to help her fix the error. She thanked the receptionist for helping her. At the end of the day, she thanked all her staff for helping her throughout the day, and for being part of her

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