A Philosophy Of Nursing

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Philosophy of Nursing
Jacquelyn R. Kelson
State College of Florida
I started my career in a long-term care facility but I anticipate to one day become a critical care nurse. Care, compassion, fierce loyalty, and truthfulness are some of the values that I choose to live by. As a nurse, I advocate for the patient and place their needs high. Based on different studies, it was concluded that caring, compassion and honesty are important themes to improve patient outcomes. These values have shaped me into the individual and nurse I am today. Philosophy of Nursing
Although, I have not officially started my nursing career, I do see a bright future ahead of me. Until I find my destination, I currently work in a skilled nursing facility. I
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We never known what trials a person has faced in their life time. I could very well be the first person that has shown an individual caring and compassion when they felt like giving up. I also pride myself in showing fierce loyalty to the family and friends that have helped me along the way. Without my family give me rides to nursing school and supporting me throughout, I would not be where I am today. From an early age my mother taught me that being truthful would get me far in life. I know this to be true because people tend to detest known liars and distrust them. I am not perfect but I try hard to stick to my …show more content…
" Every nurse must be open and honest with patients when something goes wrong with their treatment or care, or has the potential to cause harm or distress." (Tallo, 2016, p. 26) Not only should nurses be open and honest with patients but also their coworkers and employers. Nursing is a discipline that is highly regarded as being one the most trusted and ethical professions. To keep our reputations and trust from our patients and colleagues, nurses must uphold themselves to the highest standards of care.
My personal principles have molded me into the nurse and person I am today. I try my best to show caring and compassion to my patients. I put their needs above all else. Many of my patients express their gratitude for my truthfulness even when their outcome might not be great. I realize that having a strong moral compass has made me a better nurse.

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