Importance Of Clinical Decision Making In Nursing

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When making clinical decisions, nurses need to consider many different aspects including clinical knowledge, clinical standards, experience and patient-centered decision making. It requires nurses to have a high level of critical thinking. Professional boundaries which acts as limits to maintain therapeutic relationship between professionals and clients can be regarded as a basis of clinical decision making. In the given scenario, Sam Mills is an RN who works with five general practitioners and two other RNs. Sam’s neighbor, Lee, came for redressing chronic wound one day. Lee has a history of cerebral palsy and underweight, and he is currently living in a shared house with a friend. After finishing work, Lee, who typically hates
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Being rejected by Sam may break his confidence and decrease self-esteem in socializing. Social isolation refers to being separated from other people in society or surrounding environment. As part of the cause of social isolation, a lack of social confidence can prevent them taking part of social events or developing social connection. A research conducted by Heike Spaderna,( Social isolation and depression predict 12-month outcomes in the “waiting for a new heart study”) indicates that regardless of other disease’s influence, social isolation leads to a higher risk of getting depression and patients may need psychosocial intervention if the symptoms they are not engaed actively in …show more content…
Having dinner with Lee and colleagues means Sam has to coordinate them during dinner as they are new to each other, therefore this unpredictable social activity may increase Sam’s fatigue and stress after a busy scheduled working day. Research indicates that medical staff who suffer more stress and fatigue factors have a higher rate of making medical mistakes, and their patients experience more adverse effects other than illness associated effects. Nurse should practice with respect of patient health and be responsible for patient’s care. Moreover, possibly Sam will go to Vinny’s Pasta in uniforms if Sam goes there with Lee directly after work. According to …, health worker’s uniforms pass organisms to others in public place. It is

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