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  • The Importance Of Becoming An English Teacher

    those who wish to become teachers, and therefore have to structure their entire career around the writings they prepare, such as creating lesson plans, handouts, and blog posts. Although it is obvious that high school English teachers are required to do quite a bit of writing in the classroom, people often forget that there is quite a bit of writing that must be done in preparation for a teacher’s career. The first step to becoming an English teacher is to enter college and obtain either a Bachelor of Science degree in Secondary Education with an English concentration, or…

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  • Importance Of English Teacher Essay

    High School English Teacher Having good English teachers in high school is very important. Having someone to teach the knowledge of grammar, sentence structure, and written communications can be a valuable resource in finding jobs in the future. Teachers are also needed to help guide and be there for students when they need it. Becoming an English teacher requires an education, certain qualifications, and the skills of the English language. High school English teachers usually teach ninth…

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  • Paragraph On Life Of An English Teacher

    Life of an English Teacher As a student, many people think all English teachers are the same or maybe even use the same methods. But while interviewing Mrs. Taylor, one of my English teachers from High School, I was intrigued by the different methods, activities, and even the classroom environment. During this day I took the time to spend a day on the teacher’s side of the desk and see what I can learn from someone in the profession, and might I say I was exceptionally impressed. To start…

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  • Reflective Reflection Of The English Teacher

    am in Al-Faisal Academy trainee as a teacher more than administer so, I get all the teaching skills; reading, writing and listening in a good way and I like that because my hope in the future is to become English teacher. But before that I want to talk about the works in English Department Office as follow, I had the responsibility of evaluated the classrooms, the books and, the teachers of three levels 1, 2, and 3. According to the students, the results were that: 4 of the teachers are good and…

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  • Reflection Of My English Teacher

    learner, I received only roughly tuned input the teachers depend only on memorizing the lessons in addition to that the lessons are not tailored to our level and not matching our age. The communicative output in the classroom is to complete a task and obtaining information only The teacher stood in the middle of the classroom teaching and the students sat on the their desks listening to the teacher and wrote down notes of what she said, the teacher was always speaking and the students listen,…

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  • College Admissions Essay: A Career As An English Teacher

    When I was in the seventh grade I had an English teacher who was not bad at her job, but she was also not amazing. I do not remember her name as it has been years since she has been my teacher. The thought of her does bring back memories, though. English was my favorite subject, so I really enjoyed that class. My memories had nothing to do with the class, however. Often times I found myself in that class thinking about all of the ways that I could improve it. Instead of calling names by my…

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  • Reflection On What Characterizes A Competent English Teacher

    What characterizes a competent English teacher and how does it facilitate good language teaching? These questions are for endless discussions, and of course, as a teacher, I find the subjects interesting. I have been teaching for several years and met many pupils. Therefore, my starting point for this discussion is that I want to share my thought and my teaching experiences about the two central themes, the teachers’ role and language learning environment. A teacher must function as a class…

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  • Plagiarism: Why It Happened To My English Teacher

    This happened to my English teacher's college friend; she was accused of plagiarism when, in reality, it was all accidental. She had done a lot of research, and came up with a sentence that she thought was her own. In reality, it was something she had read earlier and forgotten about. She was almost kicked out, but saved by a professor who knew that she would never break character like that. This happened to my English teacher's college friend; she was accused of plagiarism when, in reality, it…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Seventh Grade English Teacher

    I grew up in a household, which valued reading but it wasn’t until I was in middle school that I truly fell in love with the liberal arts. My seventh grade English teacher used Shakespeare to exemplify the modern dramatic literature style. Her passion for teaching and fondness of classical works instilled an eagerness to explore further literature. My deep-seated appreciation for English became stronger in high school, as I discovered authors such as Dostoyevsky and Hardy. My interest in the…

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  • My Experience Of English: My First English Teacher

    My First English Teacher Language learning is always strongly influenced by the teachers, because learners tend to imitate how our teachers perform and act when we are unfamiliar to something. At the time we were learning our mother language, teachers are our parents because they are the ones that we meet and communicate frequently when we were young. However, when we are engaging in learning another language, like while I was learning English, the first teachers could highly enlighten their…

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