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  • Emergency Room

    You know all those TV and movie scenes with emergency rooms. The hero is taken in with their ailment, all the while glancing at the other people waiting, looking like death. But because we 're with the hero, we 're taken in immediately, the tests come back in no time at all, the hero is saved, and all is well. Right. Fail. If a visit to the emergency room were made into a movie, it would take, oh, 5 ­ 8 DVDs to play the entire thing. That 's over 12 hours. I got to the emergency room with some friends (one of whom is the reason for the visit) around 1730 on Tuesday. We had left school at 1630ish. We got there and got into one of the triage rooms in a rather quick amount of time. We stayed in there for a while, maybe 15 minutes? My…

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  • CCSF Class Rooms

    Overcrowding Problem Facing CCSF Classrooms It’s no surprise that California is experiencing overcrowdings in its classroom, California is after all “1st in the US most populated states” by the (World Population Review). So, thing like class rooms having more student then it is designed to accommodate is pretty is common. But that’s the problem a study conducted by the UCLA Institute of Democracy, Education and Access reported that “1 out 3 students in California students attends an overcrowded…

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  • The Characteristics Of My Room

    want; it is the place I come home to and wake up every day. My room makes me feel comfortable because it is my own space. My house is always crazy, with my dog barking, and my siblings running around making noise, my room is the only place in the house where I can come and relax without caring about everything else, the only place that I can go to clear my mind. In describing my room, it is not really describing what is in my room but more of what I do in my room. I can tell how my room makes…

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  • Happy Room Essay

    avenues and passage ways. Crevices and Rooms filled of times of my past and present. The good: open with welcoming smiles to anyone. The bad and ugly: locked but with the key still in the hole for anyone willing to enter. My mind is colorful to say the least. I can be thinking of anything at any given moment. There’s a room at the farthest point of the hallway, its door the darkest of red, the doorknob the same color. This is the room that my deepest fear stays trapped in. With my deepest fright…

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  • Bed Room Analysis

    I shot each black and white photo with the common theme of being in each person’s college home space, whether apartment or dormitory. But the photos were taken in a specific room in each home, the bedroom. A bedroom is defined online as “a reflection of one’s personality, as well as social class, and is unique to each person. However there are certain items that are common in most bedrooms - beds.” A bed is defined online as “a piece of furniture used as a location to sleep or relax,” but it’s…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The Isolation Room

    Savannah The isolation room was where I spent most of my days, the walls were starch white, the bathroom was limited to a plastic shower door with a very low hanging shower head, a toilet and a mirror bolted to the wall both utilities were white and bland. There was one double paned window with a wooden ledge covered in past patients scrawlings and profanities, the window overlooked the grassy forecourt. The day I went home from Pine rest was a memorable day. It was Sunday and the sun was…

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  • My Reading Room Paragraph

    Short Paragraph on My Reading Room Answer: I do not have separate room for reading. My bedroom is my reading room too. My reading room is small but well ventilated. My reading room has two doors and two windows. One is on the north and the other is on the west. So, light and air can get easily into it. There are two chairs, a desk and an alna in my reading room. The alna stands on the left side at my desk. My books and useful things are neatly arranged into the desk. There is a beautiful…

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  • The Importance Of Living Room Layouts

    Living room is the social hub of the house, a place to receive close friends and sometimes passing acquaintances as well. It is only natural for us to try and decorate the living room in the best possible fashion. Only by selecting the appropriate living room furniture can we expect to do so. In many modern dwellings, living rooms also double up as a media room, home office or dining parlour. So to design a comfortable as well as elegant space, beautiful living room furniture is highly coveted.…

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  • Dorm Room Research Paper

    My dorm room looks like the many others at this academy, but it includes minute touches that make it uniquely mine. When I do a right face into my room the first thing that seizes my attention is the cleanliness and purity of the room, but still somehow manages to have that appearance of being worn and exhausted. The smell of Lysol smacks me right in the face along with the hint of mustiness in the air. In addition to the smell I hear the slight hum of the air condition running nonstop, which…

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  • Personal Narrative-Smoking Rooms

    really healing time with views from a room on the second floor, such as an open-air bath, Sagami Bay and the stars. What slightly disappointed me was that at the moment I entered the room, it smelled like cigarettes and the dinner was not sufficient for me. It would be great if there were non-smoking rooms. It was a very nice place. Once I stepped in the premises of the ryokan, I found a landscape with a soothing atmosphere and the inside of the ryokan was also very tasteful. I would like to use…

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