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  • Reflection On One Day After School Shootings

    On October, 1, 2015, the lives of an entire community were changed forever. A gunman opened fire on students and teachers at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon. The shooting resulted in the killing of 10 and 7 being injured. It has shined a light on the need for better security and policies at public schools and universities. It has also brought such tragedies into the public spotlight. President Obama gave a thirteen minute televised speech shortly after the shooting. He spoke about how the lives of the victims and their families are forever changed. He restated that our thoughts and prayers are not enough for the people affected. President Obama briefly spoke on the fact that we are not the only country with people who suffer…

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  • Personal Narrative: Roseburg High School

    My father, Robert Byers, was born and raised around Coquille, Oregon. In 1982 he attended Roseburg High School, the public school every student in and around Roseburg went to. At the time he attended the school, from ‘82 to ‘86, around 2,000 students attended with him. Roseburg High School has an open campus much like a college. Students were free to do whatever they like on and off campus during the school day. Roseburg has walking trails around the city, and many connected to the schools so…

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  • Mass Murder Case Study

    There is a fad on the rise, and not the good kind. Although crime has been and continues to decrease, a contagion is occuring when it comes to mass murders, and specifically mass shootings in schools. Christopher Harper-Mercer, 26, opened fire at his school in Roseburg, Oregon killing 10 people including himself. This paper will examine the details of this mass murder case and Harper-Mercer’s life leading up to the shooting and his death. The issues that will be discussed include Harper-Mercer’s…

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  • School Shootings: Roots In Interpersonal Communication

    Many school shootings have roots in interpersonal communication. For example, the Umpqua Community College shooting involved an encounter between a teacher and a student (who ended up being the gunman). The shooter in the Virginia Tech massacre had issues communicating with other people, and his teachers were not aware of this, causing the problem to develop further. The way that the teachers and students communicated with each other played a large role in both shootings, so it is important to…

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  • Strict Gun Law Essay

    unconstitutional” (Press). This strike down just made gun laws worse. People are now allowed to have handguns wherever they go because the Supreme Court striked down the gun ban. People are not going around with guns on them. this creates a problem because anyone can start a shooting. Even in gun free zones, a shooting can still happen. People think that they are safe if they are in a gun free zone, but this is not the case. For example, colleges should be gun free zones. Shooters or people…

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  • South Umpqua School Business Case Study

    The South Umpqua School District unites three distinct communities of Canyonville, Tri City and Myrtle Creek into one school district. The district is comprised of 3 elementary schools, 2 middle schools and one high school. In total the district services 2,713 students. It is a rural cluster of communities located 30 minutes south of Roseburg, Oregon. The area has struggled with high poverty rates and drug use. The largest employers in the area are the local lumber mills and casino. Due to these…

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  • Would Gun Control Minimize School Shootings

    through December 9, 2014 there was 94 school shootings most of which where conducted by minors. This research started right after the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting on December 14, 2012. The Sandy Hook shooter was identified as Adam Lanza who was 20 years old at the time had a lot of issues that where suggestions of mental problems but, now one paid attention to them. He killed 20 children and 6 adults. He had several different guns and extra ammunition. The gunman then committed suicide when…

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  • Analysis: Guns Don T Kill People

    Guns Don’t Kill People; Partisanship Does Every time a man with a gun goes to a crowded place and opens fire, the same exact thing happens: the media frantically tries to piece together the story, and once the violence is over, people on opposite sides of the political spectrum use it to attack each other. President Obama’s wearied response to the latest shooting at Umpqua Community College near Roseburg, Ore. is appropriate based on how familiar the situation is. But the president probably…

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  • Public Opinion Survey

    users over the age of 18. Bias can hurt a poll’s integrity by a considerably amount, depending on how strong the bias could be. Unfortunately, in this poll there was an opportunity for bias. The bias would not come from the phrasing of the question, but would come from the time it was asked. The poll was asked shortly after the Immigration Crisis of 2014. Whenever a large-scale event or crisis happens, people will have a much stronger opinion about the topic following the event. The “shocking”…

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  • School Shooting In America

    own a gun. ("Gun Control -”) Furthermore, creating stricter gun control laws will not give the government too much power, but will insure the safety of American citizens all over the nation. Stricter gun control should not take guns away from law abiding citizens and keep unauthorized guns with missing or no serial numbers in criminals’ hands. Parents should never have to be afraid to send their children to school. The American dream is not losing on of your 2.5 kids too soon because…

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