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  • Babylon Revisited Theme

    How would someone act if they were blamed for the death of their wife, and then their child is swept away because they were not responsible enough to take care of them? This surreal problem happened to Charlie in the short story, “Babylon Revisited” written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Charlie struggles with himself after loosing his wife because he feels grief and pain, madness towards his sister-in-law for not believing that he could change, and the fear that he may not be given the chance to be a father. Even though his sister-in-law, Marion, blamed Charlie for his wife’s death it was not his fault. Charlie had always lived a party life, and alcohol was his best friend. He and his wife were having marriage problems, and was barley holding on. Until, he witnessed his wife kissing another man. Well, he reacted like any other man would, and locked her out of the house. She found herself roaming around not knowing what to do. She ended up at her sister’s house, Marion, with their only daughter. After this incident, she was later diagnosed with heart disease, and died. Marion promised that she would look after their daughter after she died; however, she always felt that it was Charlie’s fault that caused her to get heart disease. After the death of his wife, he still continued living his party life, and like always turning to alcohol. Even though Charlie knew he had a daughter, he made no effort to bring her back into his life. Until, one night he realized that he had to stop…

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  • Short Story 3 Am And The Stars Were Out

    Introduction Old men have old hearts. Some beat bitterly as they dwell on glory lost, while others maintain contentment by allowing their blessings to mute the pain of grief. While the former tend to spend their final years lost in resentment, the latter are able to experience their decline into infirmity with pleasant nostalgia. Thesis statement: In the short story, “3 AM and the Stars Were Out”, the author, Ron Rash, introduces the reader to Carson, an aging, retired veterinarian who…

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  • Emergency Room

    You know all those TV and movie scenes with emergency rooms. The hero is taken in with their ailment, all the while glancing at the other people waiting, looking like death. But because we 're with the hero, we 're taken in immediately, the tests come back in no time at all, the hero is saved, and all is well. Right. Fail. If a visit to the emergency room were made into a movie, it would take, oh, 5 ­ 8 DVDs to play the entire thing. That 's over 12 hours. I got to the emergency room with…

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  • Short Story On Lying On The Stretcher

    The half-dead man was lying on the stretcher. With the help of constables and people around, he was brought down the building. People had crammed the place, every inch of the stairs was taken up by the neighbors. Even at midnight it seemed that a night out was planned by all at the same time. Lying helplessly on the stretcher, he moved his hands over his body. He knew something was wrong since he never felt anything like that. The pain was getting unbearable with every passing moment. With…

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  • What Are The Goals For The Five-Day Summer Professional Development Of Middle School ELL Teachers

    Due to professional development at Cartersville Middle School being providing at times during the day that often do not correlate with the ELL teachers’ planning period, these teachers have missed training on how to use some of the basic technology the Cartersville School district provides. In addition, these teachers have not been provided time to work with the technology that has been placed in their classrooms to see how it can benefit them in their ELL classroom and how it can provide it…

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  • Examples Of Leadership Goals

    Leadership Goal 1 Goal Number 1 – Cognitive: “Keep the mind sharp” – Continual Learning Relevant Areas of Growth 1 – Critical and Creative Thinking 1. Personal Impact – Professional development; become more knowledgeable in the fraud prevention and intelligence spheres and have more opportunity for advancement within the Army Reserve and my civilian career. 2. Impact on others – Articulate information to support priority intelligence requirements to a higher headquarters. 3.…

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  • Short Essay On Iron Mike Tyson

    Mike Tyson is a former American professional boxer, holding the record of being the youngest heavyweight boxer in United States history (“Mike Tyson”). Yet while Tyson won his fights in the ring, he lost his fight in court. In 1991, Tyson was accused of raping Desiree Washington. Tyson had a rough life growing up, so when it came to putting him on trial his chances of being found not guilty did not look so good. (Godden). Even though Tyson was an outstanding boxer, his career ended when he was…

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  • Everlast: Rhetorical Analysis Of An Ad

    is going through. The boxers little brother is very symbolic to the voice of normal reasoning and illustrates what any logical human being would do in this type of situation. After the boxer gives the mugger money, the little brother asks in confusion on why he didn't use his boxing capability to fight him. He saw this kid as someone who needed help, unlike the majority of the population who would suggest a good punch in the mouth would’ve been a better idea. One of the most important lessons…

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  • Collegiate Athletes

    Giants take in” (qtd. in Strachan). The universities are spending more money on their coaches than professional teams, and the talent is not the same. The schools can cut the salary of their coaches and that money can be used to pay the players. Jahlil Okafor was the freshman starting center for the 2015 National Champion Duke Blue Devils. He was arguably the best player on the team and one of the main reasons the team won the National Championship. He was so skilled that he was drafted…

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  • El Shaddai Case Study

    theology, and charismatic Christianity. Brother Mike and El Shaddai are publicly connected to Roman Catholicism, but El Shaddai is not strictly a Catholic religion. El Shaddai is the start of a whole new type of religion that draws things from several different religions and combines them all into one. The integration of different religions into one can bring people together and make them open and more understanding to trying new things…

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