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  • Glass Windows In Gothic Cathedrals

    the inside, while the sun hits the windows from the outside. During Gothic period and the Renaissance the stained glass windows was one of the best technique in Gothic Cathedrals. It has the most beautiful and inspiring stained glass windows that tell biblical stories from The Holy Bible. In the medieval century, Gothic Cathedrals had unique stained glass windows that were high above to allow light to shine through and make the features come to life. By understanding the fundamentals of the…

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  • Why Are Cathedrals Considered Sacred Architecture

    expanding population, dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Although construction started in 1163, this structure was not completed until roughly 180 years later in about 1345. Built in an age of illiteracy, the cathedral retells the stories of the Bible in its many beautiful portals, paintings, and stained glass. The Western Façade of the cathedral is the single most well known feature. It is divided into three distinct levels, a holdover from Romanesque architecture. The north and south…

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  • The Greek Parthenon, Notre-Dame De Reims Cathedral

    unprecedented. But, just as the Parthenon was a culminating effort out of what came before while manifesting something new, in its lightness and interior decoration, the Gothic form took elements from what came before but combined in a new way to create an entirely different experience. The first new experience was the abundance of light pervading every aspect of the Cathedral from windows to interior enclaves; the entire Cathedral took on a luminosity never before seen. The biggest…

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  • Romanesque Architecture Analysis

    although the origins of Romanesque architecture are vague; the Gothic style that followed specifically came about upon the completion of the Chartres Cathedral outside of Paris in 1250. This is the first of the Gothic style buildings in which buttresses were used as a structural element that categorized the overall external appearance of the building. Rather than Romanesque buttresses pushed against very thick walls, they fly out in beautiful patterns, (ergo flying buttresses). The buttresses…

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  • Gothic Cathedrals

    and the importance of shortening one’s time in Purgatory. In order to save one’s soul from this anguish, it was encouraged to include donations to the local mendicant churches in one’s will and testament to ensure they have a short stay in Purgatory. These donations where often given with the caveat that the deceased be buried within church walls. While secular clergy would not allow such a practice, the mendicant churches saw this as an opportunity to secure financial support and expand their…

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  • Questions On Gothic Architecture

    1) Who was Abbott Suger and why was he important? What surprising “building material” did he use? Abbot Suger is the man behind the visionary masterpiece, Saint Denis, which is a stained-glass piece of work that created historical importance in Cathedral glass structure. He is very important for his early work of gothic architecture and his style inspired many builders for years. The building material he incorporated in his work was the concept of light to reflect a symbol of god inside the…

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  • Notre Dame De Paris Research Paper

    There are many characteristics that help identify a structure as Gothic. Tall pointed archways, ribbed vaults, flying buttresses, and stained-glass windows are just a few. These characteristics came from wanting to make the buildings taller and more noticeable. Notre Dame de Paris is more than seven hundred years old and it is the only most recent of holy houses to occupy ancient sacred ground. Notre Dame de Paris is the worlds ambassador of gothic cathedrals. This cathedral was finished in…

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  • What Are Gothic Cathedrals

    the wonders of ancient Greece and Rome, was the Gothic cathedrals these “stone bibles” were so elaborate that construction literally took ages.Builders used pointed arcs and to increase the reality and illusion of height, cathedral exterior had carved Biblical tales.The Romanesque style made way for the Gothic style and in most are the two merged into one style. French architects during the thirteenth century developed the pointed arch, piers and the flying buttress which is a support or brace…

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  • Gislebertus Analysis

    Gislebertus, a french sculptor who made major contributions to the cathedral of Saint Lazare was the sole creator of the lintel sculpture Eve (Encyclopedia Britannica “Giselbertus”). Gislebertus was a well-known sculptor due to his exhibition of expressionism carving and technical proficiency. With the rise of religion and the wide growth of Christianity throughout Europe, Gislebertus had the demonstration of the expressive range relief of Eve. The discovery of Eve was at the north portal of the…

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  • Summary: The Cathedral Of Santa Maria Annunziata

    Turks conquered the city after several days of siege and entered the church, exterminating the clergy and civilians who had taken refuge there. The cathedral was transformed into a mosque and all the frescoes dating back to the thirteenth century were destroyed. In 1481, after the liberation of Otranto by the troops of Alfonso V of Aragon, the cathedral was heavily edited. The medieval gabled façade has undergone many changes throughout the centuries. In the aftermath of the devastation…

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