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  • Teaching Philosophy: The Philosophy Of Teaching And Education

    learning in math class I prefer more of a hands on teaching style, teachers that stand up and lecture the whole class make learning harder. A teaching philosophy is a self-reflective statement of your beliefs about teaching and learning (https://cei.umn.edu/support-services/tutorials/writing-teaching-philosophy). Every teacher has their own way of teaching, whether it be hands on or they prefer to lecture more. There are six basic teaching philosophies, these include perennialism, essentiaism, progressivism, reconstructionism, eclecticism, and existentialism (http://ctle.hccs.edu/facultyportal/tlp/seminars/tl1071SupportiveResources/comparison_edu_philo.pdf). Perennialism is when the teacher wants to make sure that the students…

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  • Effective Teaching

    What characteristics of effective teaching explain the effectiveness of these parts? I believe the most effective parts of the lesson was when the students would work together to compare and contrast arctic animals as a whole group. This allowed the students to feed off of each other’s answers and notice other similarities or differences between the two animals. This also allowed me to see which students were actively engaged with the lesson and which students were struggling with the concept.…

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  • Direct Teaching Disadvantages

    children’s education, teachers play an important role. Since the No Child Left Behind Act was signed into law in 2002, many people have been concern about children’s learning and academic achievement, especially parents and educators. In fact, teachers are always trapped in “teaching dilemmas” because each teaching method has different levels of pros and cons for students. Wiggins and McTighe (2005) suggested that for all of the choices that teachers have during a day of instruction, many fit…

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  • Inclusive Teaching Essay

    Inclusive teaching can be very useful in classes where you have a classroom that has a diverse makeup. Inclusive teaching means that you want to include everyone in the lessons taught, and students will have the same equal opportunity to learn as other students. Inclusive learning can be used in situations where your classes are made up from of students with different cultural backgrounds, or if students have any type of disability. This paper will answer how does inclusive teaching promote…

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  • The Importance Of Teaching Methods In Teaching Ms. Haro's Class?

    This semester, I have learned plenty of concepts and material that have shaped my teaching methods. Our class has helped to develop a strong curriculum, but also, to understand the needs and reality of every student. Also, the lectures, reading, guest professors and our visits to DCP have helped to understand why I want to be a teacher. I have learned and realized that as a future teacher, I am not going to be able to take care or help every single student, but I will do my best to assist them…

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  • Co-Teaching Observation

    morning assessing the students on letter recognition, sight words, number senses, etc. The data allows Ms. Geotzinger to keep a track of student achieve and respond if intervention is required. The school’s Special Education Teacher comes in twice a week to work with three children with lanague delays goals aligned with their IEPs. A Handwriting Without Tears specialist visits the classroom everyday working with students in small groups on their handwriting and letter recognition. Co-Teaching…

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  • Teaching As A Career Paper

    Teaching as a Career Dr. Martinez Thursday 8:30-9:20 Aly Daniels Paper Two Perspectives and Preparation 1. My supervising teacher never uses a textbook. a. My supervising teacher has a great knowledge of the subject she is teaching. I am in her classroom during reading and she never has the students read out of a textbook. Honestly, I have not even seen a textbook in the classroom. My teacher is able to incorporate books such as Arthur and still have the students learn. This week my…

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  • Teaching Experience Analysis

    1. How does it feel teaching today compared to when you first started? Throughout the years, did you learn any new teaching methods? If so, which one was the most efficient? What has been your favorite aspect of teaching all these years? There is a lot more challenges and expectations related to the students. For example, I’ve noticed that children have more needs nowadays than years ago when I first taught. I have to teach a lot more using different modalities and do a lot of small group…

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  • Critical Reflection In Teaching

    Critical Reflection #1 What is the most significant challenge I’m facing so far in my teaching role and how am I or might I handle that challenge? I choose this question for my critical reflection because I know it is a question I can revisit quite often. Currently, I feel I am faced with several challenges, all of which I believe I can overcome. The most significant challenge I am facing so far in my teaching role is being able to teach and feel that the words I am saying sound natural and…

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  • Peer Teaching Experience Essay

    In Hugh and Future’s peer teaching session, they had taught Chinese and music with the learning aims of learning how to write several Chinese characters and how to construct basic rhythm notes with pen-tapping beats. For the first twenty minutes, students learnt Chinese, specifically how to write basic characters and how to pronounce them with interesting stories and a humorous, yet informative supplement video. After watching at video, students assessed their learning by themselves through the…

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