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Teaching as a Career
Dr. Martinez
Thursday 8:30-9:20
Aly Daniels

Paper Two Perspectives and Preparation
1. My supervising teacher never uses a textbook.
a. My supervising teacher has a great knowledge of the subject she is teaching. I am in her classroom during reading and she never has the students read out of a textbook. Honestly, I have not even seen a textbook in the classroom. My teacher is able to incorporate books such as Arthur and still have the students learn. This week my supervising teacher taught the students about main idea webs. My teacher did not have to look at her book, she was able to teach them all about main idea webs without reading a textbook explanation. My teacher’s experience and knowledge of the subject is clear
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When we read the story Hugs for Daddy many students had personal experiences with the military. However, some students do not understand what it is like to have a family member in the military. In order to help the students gain a better understanding of this subject before they read the book my supervising teacher provided more information. My supervising teacher brought in a book that was written by elementary students from around the Junction City area. The book had first hand accounts of why students were proud that their family member was in the military. However, one unique thing about this book is that it also provided first hand accounts from students who did not have family in the military. These students explained how the military still affected them and how grateful they were for those who serve our country. The reason my teacher brought in this book is because it helped to enhance the lesson and story of Hugs for Daddy. This book showed students that even though they do not have family in the military the story can still be personal and have meaning in their life. Without providing this book that students wrote, Hugs for Daddy would have been just another book they read that week. The teacher bringing in supplemental materials made this lesson mean something so much more than just words on a …show more content…
At the beginning of each week the student’s have new vocabulary words that they learn. With every word they have an activity that they perform. It starts by them repeating the word to the teacher. Then the students learn the definition. Finally, my favorite part is when they perform an action that helps them to define the word. The students remember the definitions by these actions. I see them preforming these actions when they are taking tests it is very cute. My teacher also does group structured lesson plans for reading. The students break into groups. One group reads to their partner, one group is taught the book by the teacher, another group works on their vocabulary. Each group works separately, but it this structure of lesson plan is extremely affective for their reading levels. As I mentioned previously, the students reading scores took leaps and bounds after only four weeks of this lesson plan. My teacher does every activity and lesson plan for a reason and this makes her and her students extremely

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