Teaching Experience Analysis

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1. How does it feel teaching today compared to when you first started? Throughout the years, did you learn any new teaching methods? If so, which one was the most efficient? What has been your favorite aspect of teaching all these years?
There is a lot more challenges and expectations related to the students. For example, I’ve noticed that children have more needs nowadays than years ago when I first taught. I have to teach a lot more using different modalities and do a lot of small group instruction so that has been a big change. When I first started doing guided reading groups as well as guided math groups; when you do those things, you’re meeting with a smaller group of children who have homogeneous needs. You have the ratio between students
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You also have to be very quick on your feet because if you have a class of 25 kids, and one is misbehaving, you have to try to address what is happening with that one student without losing the other 24. Even if it means you have to pull the child aside to talk to them for a minute or two or sometimes with troublesome kids you have to have a behavior modification program. You have to get that child back on task as quick as you can. Sometimes when that child knows they’re going to be rewarded by something if they do the right thing, getting them to realize that while they’re upset is the key. You have to be resourceful and use what works. Kids need to see a steady presence in a teacher so you always have to remain calm and patient. Depending on the severity of the behavior, I’ll involve the child’s parent. I have a behavior modification program where I’ll give the kids chances or warnings if they did something that they shouldn’t have. Then the consequences increase until the third time which is where I involve the parents. If it’s a severe situation where a child is throwing a chair or hitting another student or possibly hitting me, I call the parent immediately. When a student isn’t doing their homework consistently, I call the parent first to find out if the homework is too hard I have to modify it or if the child is struggling. If it is something major if it’s a home situation I …show more content…
It’s like being a role model, having patience and kindness. Also to have stability for the kids, they need someone who is a stable person in their life. Students have impacted my life in so many different ways. For example with you, to know that I taught you in second grade and you want to become a teacher, that impacts my life greatly. I had a small part of your education, but I feel so gratified. When kids come back to me and they remember something that we did together, it impacts me a lot. I always wanted to be the teacher that kids remembered in a good way. I wants kids to know that I was at least a good person to have in their life for a year. I impacted their life by just being a stable person, I was there every day they know they can count on me. There are things I can always change, but I am proud of the fact that I always try. I always strive to pick two things I want to work on and I try my best to achieve those goals. There are years where I feel like I could improve on it. I always to improve on things then are years where I know I could work a little bit

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