Inclusive Teaching Essay

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Inclusive teaching can be very useful in classes where you have a classroom that has a diverse makeup. Inclusive teaching means that you want to include everyone in the lessons taught, and students will have the same equal opportunity to learn as other students. Inclusive learning can be used in situations where your classes are made up from of students with different cultural backgrounds, or if students have any type of disability. This paper will answer how does inclusive teaching promote learning to multicultural classrooms. To answer this question I looked at 2 journal articles to gather information on more details as to what inclusive learning is and how it can apply to a diverse classroom. The first article dealt with creating inclusive …show more content…
While inclusive learning environments can be beneficial to those who come from different backgrounds, the idea behind inclusive teaching benefits “all” of the students in the classroom. To create an inclusive environment the teacher has to look at “all” the students to figure out what might be the best way that a student might learn. With these articles, it was very helpful in finding out how to create an inclusive learning environment, and the methods to go about in instructing students. Montgomery gave a more detailed approach in how to apply inclusive teaching towards those from different cultural backgrounds. Groud and Vaughn explored the approach of inclusive teaching for those of all backgrounds, especially those with learning disabilities. While reading both of these articles my question did not change. It gave a great analysis of how to implement an inclusive teaching environment. From the research on both papers, there is a consensus that teachers must continually assess themselves and the students, create an inclusive learning environment, and try to cater to all the students needs in their lesson plans. If there is one thing I would like to see in any future research is more hard data, numbers to see how this type of teaching has benefited the students. The methods discussed also will be very applicable when I begin teaching in a classroom. The planning pyramid with how it assesses what a student needs and how they will learn will be extremely beneficial. The way to foster an inclusive environment, such as utilizing bulletin boards and books with various cultures, can be extremely applicable in a diverse classroom. The use of an inclusive learning environment can be extremely beneficial to teachers and

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