Culturally Responsive Classroom Essay

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Culturally Responsive Classrooms and Literature To create a culturally responsive classroom is to create a better learning environment for students, enables students to learn about the differences of others, and ensures that we as teachers are meeting all of our students’ needs. Incorporating literature into a culturally responsive classroom will only reinforce the qualities and type of culturally responsive classroom we want to have. Through literature students can explore cultures near and far, along with the world around them. By creating a classroom that includes all students and their diverse backgrounds we create a comfortable environment for learning and helps all students to feel accepted. In creating a culturally responsive classroom students feel comfortable, respected for their differences, and free to …show more content…
Generally, if someone is different than us we do not take the time to take a closer look at that person to get to know him or her. We can become afraid of others and thus do not become unified as a community of learners. This can happen with those who look different, act different, or are differently abled. Taking the time to get to know about each student and their cultural background, even if it is only a little different from a peer’s own culture, will help a teacher and other students learn about the unknown and also identify with other students through likenesses and differences. This includes learning about each student’s family and learning about places that live differently from us. At some point, students will be faced with different cultures and the more exposure to the unknown the more acceptance that will be created. However, a culturally responsive classroom is created through a school and teachers who want to make a difference in their students’

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