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  • Reflection About Technical Writing

    to the idea of technical writing and implementing what I have learned. Taking this class was a bit intimidating at first. I had never been involved in a class like this and with a name like Technical Writing, it sounded very strict, difficult, and the opposite of fun. Once I started doing assignments, my whole perspective on technical writing changed and I was more successful that I thought I would be. The biggest challenge of this course would definitely be the group projects. There were times when members would not do all the work they needed to be doing. When occasions like these arose, my solution was to pick up the slack in order to successfully complete the assignment and get a good grade. Though this tactic isn’t ideal, it worked. My favourite activity from this course was working with infographics. I am a very artistic person, so changing…

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  • Technical Communication

    Society of Technical Communication does not allow you to see all of its website, if you do not have a membership. It only gives you a glimpse of technical communication and its definition. It also gives a brief history of the website and what it was designed for. Like Society of Technical Communication, Patient Provider Communication gives a brief description and history of its websites. However, Patient Provider Communication is free to access, and it also gives us full essays. Moreover, they…

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  • Career Reflection Essay

    Courses pertaining to organizational behavior reinforced the principles of culture, leadership, teamwork and behavior that may have received minor considerations in the past but now have more prominent roles within organizations. In the last decade, our world experienced a major recession that jolted the economic foundation brought on by unethical behavior that was rampant in the corporate world. Business ethics courses reiterated the importance of conducting business in an ethical manner,…

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  • The Three Characteristics Of The UK Financial Market

    A financial market can be defined as a marketplace where assets such as equities, bonds, currencies and derivatives are traded between buyers and sellers. Financial markets are also known to have the following characteristics, transparent pricing, conditions and regulations on trading, fees and costs (Investopedia). Bonetti and Cobham (1992) state that financial markets can be seen as a system which allows ultimate lenders also referred to as the economic agents to lend money ultimate borrowers.…

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  • Implementing Classroom Technology

    Classroom technology has gone a long way since computer labs and teacher desktop computers. Amazingly, this long way is only five years old in many cases. Technology moves so fast that it is a wonder that school districts are able to keep up. Technology departments are always on the look out to stay in front of the developments and keep districts on the cutting edge with devices and classroom instruction. This requires sound leadership and vision in order to achieve. The first consideration…

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  • Summary: Strategy Implementation Plan For Radioshack

    Strategy Implementation Details The development of the listed plan of actions are in support of our five major strategies previously discussed. These plans may support one or more of the five strategies suggested as opportunities for RadioShack to strengthen its positon in the market and gain a greater competitive advantage. To better implement these changes the strategic plan for RadioShack will be completed in phases and not traditional dated timelines. During these phases one or more…

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  • Importance Of Inventive Knowledge Management Experience

    my writing exercise, I have selected option-two – "What is the most inventive or innovative thing you’ve done?" I have chosen to share with you an example of how I was able to apply my innovative knowledge management experience to enhance a marginal customer user experience into a best in class, award-winning customer experience. I have long had a passion for sharing information and for working with people to support them with the development of their own skills for sharing information. For…

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  • Chapter 17 Discusses Something Known As An Informational Report?

    Chapter 17. Writing Informational Reports 1. Chapter 17 discusses something known as an informational report. An informational report “informs or instructs and presents details of events, activities, individuals, or conditions without analysis” (“Report,” n.d.) as the University of Minnesota notes in an online module. The common goals of these reports is to explain why or how something in particular happens, as the textbook notes. Taking many forms, informational reports are a large part of…

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  • Plato Research Paper

    watercolors or abstract images that can be used to evoke emotions that reflect what you would feel in the completed space. Adding warm tones or a calming color scheme is a grossly oversimplified explanation of this technique, but it will suffice for evaluating this type of imagery in comparison to Plato’s concern with poetry and plays within the ideal city and well-ordered soul. In short, Plato is concerned with the dramatic forms of the arts, for they cause those perceiving them to feel…

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  • The Importance Of Momentum Trading

    The Acceleration Candlestick Pattern 2016 has been a volatile year, with most asset classes moving in sharp bursts. Most traders stay away from such markets, however, I want you to capitalize on this. Hence, in this article, I will teach you how to enter and exit a fast moving market with a low-risk setup. As always, we will formulate certain entry rules to avoid getting whipsawed. What is momentum trading Momentum trading is piggybacking on a market moving strongly in one direction. The…

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