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  • Pricing Bonds In The Australian Market Analysis

    Pricing Bonds in the Australian Market is an article, which appeared in the 33rd Australian Journal of Management in 2008. Written by Bilson et al., the article does an incredible job in highlighting issues pertaining to the modeling of the term structure of interest rates. The article begins by appreciating the fact that there are various models associated with the yield curve. The authors highlight the significance of the term structure of interest rates by offering valid examples. For instance, the article points out that the yield curve plays a critical role in the valuation of a coupon bond (Christopher M. Bilson 2008). According to the authors, this demands that a coupon bond is reduced to individual cash flows valued as zero-coupon bonds…

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  • Orange Juice Markets

    Financial Market The financial market includes markets in which funds are transferred from people who have an excess of available funds to people who have a shortage. • With weather being around freezing through parts of Florida analysts are worried that Orange Juice corp. will suffer. The orange juice future rose 10% in the past week. Traders are still anticipating a short production because of a disease and fruit sizes being smaller than usual. • After the deep water horizon disaster, oil…

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  • Goldman Sachs Group: Data Usage, Database Management, And Data Communication

    closer look at the company, one of the more fascinating uses of data is in the bond market sector of their investment management business segment. Goldman…

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  • Market Equilibrium Case Study

    Q1: When selling bonds, suppliers may have a desire to sell bonds either at the highest price possible or at the lowest price that would still be of benefit. Alternately, buyers of bonds would wish to buy the lowest price possible, but may be willing to pay a higher price depending on the conditions. The point where the best interests of bond sellers and bond buyers meet, that is the point where “the amount of bonds that people are willing to buy equals the amount of bonds people are willing to…

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  • The Concept Of Expound On Credit Analysis

    moneylenders to ensure safety of their money use this process. At the same time, bond portfolio managers or investors to debt issuing companies on the basis of their credit rating and financial situations also define credit analysis as investigation process that performs. Credit rating is an important instrument that used by lenders when performing credit analysis of a bond issuing institution or individual (Johnson, 2010). The concept of zeta score is useful to identify the risk of bankruptcy…

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  • Money And Financial Statement Analysis: The Time Value Of Money

    interest and the principal amount on maturity. In the US, corporate bonds constitute the largest proportion of the bond market. Corporations utilize proceeds from issuing bonds in many ways. They may undertake research and development, purchase new equipment, and finance mergers and acquisitions. A credit or default risk is the uncertainty that the corporation may fail to pay the interest and principal amount on maturity. Other risks include the interest rate risk; the price of a bond decreases…

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  • Apple Company Bond Analysis

    The purpose of this paper is to analyze Apple’s stocks and bonds to determine whether an individual investor should invest in this company. I will use financial statements, reports from previous years, and ratio analyses. Combined this data will determine whether to add Apple to an investor’s portfolio or whether they should look for another investment opportunity. I will use various sources to gather information on the companies short and long term debt, credit rating, and interest rates to…

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  • Euribor Case Study

    are selected to ensure that the diversity of the euro money market is varied accordingly and reliable. 1b) EURIBOR is based on average interest rates established by a panel of around 40 European banks (panel banks) that lend and borrow from each other. Some of these banks include HSBC France, Deutsche bank,…

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  • Yield To Maturity, (Current Price Of Bonds

    Price of Bond)┤)^(1/(Years to Maturity))-1 a) r =├ ( $1000/$800┤)^(1/1)-1= 0.25 = 25% b) r =├ ( $100/$950┤)^(1/1)-1= 0.053 = 5.3% c) r =├ ( $1000/$1000┤)^(1/1)-1=0 = 0% The yield to maturity may change over the years depending on the changes in the overall demand for bonds in the market. If the investors become more willing to hold bonds due to economic uncertainty, then the bond prices will rise which will reduce the yield (Ross, 2016). In this case, when the price of bond increases from $800…

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  • Mutual Fund Rating Essay

    The writers of the article feel that the mutual fund rating system should be further tailored to each investors loss aversion which would allow investors to choose the fund that best reflects their financial needs and risk tolerance. I personally feel that properly educating individuals in personal finance and investing would mitigate the need to expand on the current rating system for mutual funds. Financial loss from investing comes from a permanent decrease in value (bond defaults) or from a…

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