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  • Pharmacy Technician Case Study

    Elizabeth has been working as a pharmacy technician between two and a half to three years. She started working as a pharmacy technician because she lost her job in the automotive field and wasn’t having a lot of luck finding a new job in the same field. She decided to find a job in the medical field because she felt that she would have a better chance of getting a job. She signed up for free classes offered by the state of Michigan that would help provide her with new skills and education in order for her to find a job. She chose pharmacy technician over other medical careers because she wasn’t interested in having to learn how to give shots to patients. The classes didn’t last very long but were very intense. They were given a lot of information…

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  • A Career Essay: Life As A Veterinary Technician

    Life as a Veterinary Technician While researching information about how to be a veterinary technician, I found some websites that had authors that wrote about how to achieve the education you need to be a veterinary technician. Most of these authors wrote the text in order of what educations you need to become a veterinarian. The other information is the work and work conditions on the job. Veterinary medicine is a field for people that want to work with animals and don’t mind getting dirty,…

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  • Dog Grooming Research Paper

    Technician will also check the day’s equipment. At the end of day, the technician will rinse intake cages and wash outtake cages. Any sort of scheduling needs should be done in the morning before the day begins but can also be adjusted throughout the day or end of day if needed. Grooming 3-4 Hours A full service grooming would include: Choice of fur trim or without fur trim, a bath (organic or non-organic product choice), towel or force-air dryer (no heating element), eye cleaning, ear…

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  • Pharmacy Technician

    long On the day I graduated high-school I was sure I wanted to become a veterinary technician. Caretaker for my animals, I have medicated and cared for them when they were ill, including hygiene such as clipping nails, cleaning ears, and bathing. Watching the animal planet, observing the technician and the veterinarian doing everything they could to save an animal’s life, inspired me to believe I can do the same thing. After graduating,…

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  • Personal Statement: Why I Want To Be A Veterinary Ratician

    forever to finally decide when it was right with me my entire life and now I am determined and focused to graduate college. My goal is to become a veterinarian technician. Why I would rather deal with animals than with people. People are easy to help. Animals can’t tell you when they are hurt, and there is the challenge In ‘’ZERO’’, Paul Logan describes his struggles throughout high school and college. He writes: ’’But even failure as painful as it is, it does not have to be an ending. It can be…

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  • Veterinary Technician

    Veterinary Technician Vet Techs have to be hardworking and dedicated to thrive in their career. It takes patience and good communication skills to deal with pets and their owners. Also having a passion for animals is one of the keys to having success and happiness in this career. Being a Veterinary Technician is taxing yet rewarding. It requires long hours, low pay and, a busy schedule, but working with the animals you love and enjoy being with makes it all worth it. There are many different…

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  • Ultrasound Technician

    Is it a girl or boy ? As a Ultrasound Technician you could be the one answering this or a host of other medical questions with the help of ultrasound technology. The career of a Ultrasound Technician is exciting and beautiful , because you are there through the whole growth process of one’s child. The research will describe the career of an Ultrasound Technician, what is required to become a successful Ultrasound Technician and the impact this career has on society. In North Carolina as of…

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  • Informative Speech On Phlebotomy

    Here’s what a usual day looks like for a phlebotomy technician, according to Porterfield. First, you need materials to collect blood from patients, like needles. You won’t need to use a blade like barbers did centuries ago. Second, you would talk to the patient. Unless they’re cool with having needles inside their body, they would be nervous. Interact with them, calm them down, and once they’re comfortable, stick the needle, and easily draw the blood. It’s only from their arms, so relax, don’t…

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  • Why I Want To Become A Certified Veterinary Technician's Career

    Veterinary Technician’s job. I observed a group of caring people do their best to care for my dog during her time of pain. Showing me compassion during my emotional state. This experience influenced me to becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician, so I could in return give others the same hope to return home with their pets. In my essay I will state reasons on why I chose this specific career, and what major will help me get on the right path to achieve my goals. As well as what courses will…

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  • Technology Technicians

    Technology Technicians As technology use expands in the global world, so does its use expand in the classroom as well. It is essential that the use of tech be used in classrooms to assist student’s education concerning the world, society, and their role as members in these areas. As more teachers integrate their lessons by showing their students the importance of using this equipment in the classroom, the better understanding the student will have of the materials and become a well-rounded…

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