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  • Intermarket Analysis And Economic Methods

    like neural networks and manual or automated technical analysis assume a fixed relationship and do not accommodate well to the ever changing dynamics in the global economy and the change in the relationships (divergence/decoupling) between these four markets. Many factors influence the change in the relationships between these markets, among them Geo-political factors. In “Intermarket Analysis and Investing: Integrating Economic, Fundamental, and Technical Trends” (Gayed and Gayed, 1990)…

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  • Summary: IT Support During The Move

    IT Support During the Move The key to a successful move is to plan ahead and when it is time to move the IT department it should be done as if no one knows you have moved. The idea is to not interrupt service or as little as possible. The IT department is going to be the biggest part in terms of resources since the move may require new equipment to make the service better than it was before the move. Organizations may now consider hiring a move management consultant to help plan the move for all…

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  • Edinboro University Technology Help Center

    Background The Edinboro University Technology Help Center is an office on campus that helps students, faculty and staff with their technology needs. The demand for technology assistance has sky rocketed given that technology is so interwoven with today’s education. Universities, Edinboro included, are creating entire classes and programs that are held partially or even completely online. With this comes some issues that might require assistance and this is where the Technology Help Center…

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  • Accommodating Sciences By Jeanne Fahnestock: Article Analysis

    some doing better than others. In Jeanne Fahnestock’s article “Accommodating Sciences: The Rhetorical Life of Science Facts, she describes accommodation as “…present a rather abstract scientific subject in a popular manner…” (Fahnestock 332). Before writing, journalists carefully monitor and choose sections from the original report that will marvel their readers and have them understand the significance of it from a lay view. In order to provide an effective accommodation, journalists must…

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  • Pressure And Related Dangers Of Scuba Diving

    Abstract: This research will be an overview about what are the pressure related dangers of scuba diving, how do these dangers happen, how to prevent those dangers and the identification of their symptoms. Introduction: A form of underwater diving with the use of breathing apparatus to breathe underwater is Scuba Diving. Great freedom of movement and longer underwater endurance can be felt for diving with their own or personal source of breathing gas which contains compressed air rather than…

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  • Collier And Evans Value Chain

    Therefore, the design team must use the information obtained through feedback to improve and ensure the technical aspects of the product meets customer requirements. For example, lithium batteries (length of life), lighter bikes, higher speeds, ability to climb hills, robustness of parts, aesthetic appearance, number of gears and the ease of changing gears.…

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  • Forward Pharmaceuticals: Translation Mode Of Communication

    coding and decoding of information which highly depends on how the sender comprehends this information. Hence it’s very vital to choose the right mode of communication. Similarly, Corey Winston a senior technical writer at Forward Pharmaceuticals knows the responsibilities he holds as the technical writer. He is the source of information and also the decoder, who will contribute to make substantial change to the access of medicine to the public. However, Corey has used translation method to…

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  • Psychological Report In A Psychologist's Academic Career

    adequate amount of clinical writing, and therefore I felt writing psychological reports would not be a difficult task. However, after completing my first report, I quickly realized I was wrong. The process of writing a psychological report is a thorough and complicated task. After writing a total of five reports, I have identified three distinct strengths and weaknesses. This critique will discuss these strengths and weakness, and define a plan to improve my overall report writing. Identifying…

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  • Personal Statement Of Purpose: Spastic Cerebral Palsy

    forms of expression, I used them as a frequency to understand my unusual stages of development in relation to my educational identity. Before I was able to speak, I was a prisoner of my own thoughts. Writing set me free and helped me to find my voice. I need to write as much as a need to breathe. Writing saved my life. My unique…

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  • The Importance Of Technical Communication

    Technical communications is a key component to the success of engineers in the field. Studies find that around fifty percent of an engineer’s work constitutes communication duties. (Brandt & Prescott, 2013) These duties must be acknowledged and bestowed onto students in their college career in order for them to be prepared for the field. Through the use of technical written, oral, and visual communications, engineers can bring designs to life. These communications translate into technical…

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