Importance Of Inventive Knowledge Management Experience

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For my writing exercise, I have selected option-two – "What is the most inventive or innovative thing you’ve done?" I have chosen to share with you an example of how I was able to apply my innovative knowledge management experience to enhance a marginal customer user experience into a best in class, award-winning customer experience.

I have long had a passion for sharing information and for working with people to support them with the development of their own skills for sharing information. For more than thirteen years, I had worked for various companies in a knowledge management (KM) capacity. Then, in 2003, I started my own knowledge management consulting practice, Conscientia Consulting, which enabled me to share with my clients, my
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They fully embraced the business model of Knowledge Centered Support (KCS), which became the foundation for establishing the business process workflows that have enabled their successful transformation into a true KCS organization.

Defining new roles and responsibilities - To ensure the integrity of the content, new roles and responsibilities were defined, and I was introduced into the primary role of the K-Base Administrator overseeing all aspects of the Knowledge Base. The technical support representatives became Knowledge Creators who were empowered / engaged to contribute content to the knowledge base. Furthermore, each product team assigned two senior technical support representatives as Technical Reviewers to review the technical accuracy of each article – this dramatically improved the accuracy of the articles and reduced the issue of duplicate materials being created. We also identified a Style Reviewer who ensured that each article met the new content style
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The linking of articles enables the identification of high-value articles and discovery of which articles are not being reused. The K-Base Admin identifies the low-reuse articles, updates the status to "Rework" and applies a task to the article. The task is assigned to the owner of the article, and they update the content as required, or archive any obsolete articles. Each technical support representative has an individual performance goal of linking 70% of their service cases to a Knowledge

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