The Best Practice Of Information Management At Home Depot

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Register to read the introduction… The next best practice is information management. The author believes that technology is not the answer but an enabler for companies to manage their information as an asset. The main purpose of managing information as an asset is to benefit the customer. "There has to be a sustained commitment to change attitudes and behavior if technology is going to help in leveraging information assets for the benefit of the customer." (Unruh, 1997) The article also mentions some technology enablers such as personal computers, software applications, networks, workstations and servers. These items give employees the opportunity to share information that crosses their own areas of expertise and access this managed information whenever there is a …show more content…
Home Depot is always searching out ways to improve products and services to their customers since the company has realized the need for redirection and process improvements. Of the listed best practices for managing quality, speed and flexibility I believe the ones that will best serve this company would be collaboration of a new optimization and management service and a systems thinking managerial process. Using both of these will allow Home Depot to provide better service its customers and move forward into a more technologically advanced process than they are presently …show more content…
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