Technological singularity

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Personal Electronic Devices

    everything we want to know streamed directly into our brains. While this sounds like an amazing chance for medical advancement this is also an amazing chance for corporate America to use the implants to their advantage advertising in our sleep sending messages directly to our brain. Not to mention that since our brain is controlled by electric pulses putting a machine in there leads to the possibility of mind control and controlling people without their knowledge. Luckily we are not at this point yet in our lives, but it gets closer with each day and knowing the American people we will not make the smart decision to disallow the implants to be put into children. Another very possible worst case scenario that worries many people is the Technological singularity. The moment in time where an Artificial Intelligence begins to develop a better Artificial Intelligence and then that Artificial Intelligence develops a better Artificial Intelligence so on and so forth. While this scenario can be completely avoided with the right safety mechanisms installed into any developed Artificial Intelligence and the following the laws of AI development, not all people believe that these precautions need to be taken. While most people would take these precautions there are quite a few people who would not take these precautions even with what they know now. On the other hand artificial intelligence could be a blessing, it could reduce the amount of work that humans actually need to do and while…

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  • Classroom Makeover Definition

    1 2 3 4 Altering the human element with Hybrid Creature lead us to Singularity The digital revolution from the twentieth century provided us with the extended capabilities of the technology. In her “Project Classroom Makeover” Cathy Davidson advocated for education reform by means of increased interactivity in the classroom. In her vision for such an interactivity boost she considered the possibility of reaching that goal with or without technology, but with always with purpose of improving…

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  • Ex Machina Argument Essay

    unleashed AI on the World” he talks about how AI will help better define what it is to be human. In his essay, he says the most effective AI will not be conscience. Consciousness will make AI less efficient at their jobs. As an example he includes, “We want our self driving cars to be inhumanly focused on the road, not obsessing over an argument it had with the garage” (Kelly, 6). Ava, in the film, did not really do anything; she had no function. She had no purpose, except to exist, but, at…

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  • Dangers Of Artificial Intelligence

    I think the risk is that A.I. would develop a will of its own right off the bat. I think the concern is that someone may use it in a way that is bad.” Musk then explains that the merging of humans with computers is the solution, “If we can effectively merge with A.I. by improving the neural link between your cortex and the digital extension of yourself, which...already exists — it just has a bandwith issue — then effectively, you become an A.I./human symbiote. And if that, then, is widespread —…

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  • The Dynamic Capabilities Frameworks In The Industrial Economy

    The structure-performance paradigm of industrial economy has been one of the most popular conceptual framework models in analyzing competitive advantages of firms. Porter’s Five Forces epitomize these frameworks, which only focus on analyzing suppliers, customers and the threats of a new entry in the market. While these theoretical frameworks have been helpful in providing insightful information, they hardly reveal the prevailing logic of value creation. As a result, new bases of competitive…

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  • Analysis Of The Technological Singularity In Blindsight By Peter Watson

    The Technological singularity, when computer/human interfaces will become so advanced they’ll be known as superhumanly intelligent, shares the same concept in the book BlindSight by Peter Watts published in 2008. “Maybe the singularity happened years ago. We just don’t want to admit we were left behind” (BlindSight 50). In the book BlindSight, technology faces a new interchange that elaborates on how technology and humans come with inlays that adorn insertions and surpasses the intellectual…

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  • Transhumanist Subculture

    Subcultures and Social Trends: The Transhumanists – The Singularity and Modern Cyborgs It is estimated that somewhere around the year 2045, a technological singularity will occur- the point at which artificial intelligence outstrips human capacity; only it’s not quite the story as James Cameron portrayed it in his groundbreaking movie *The Terminator*. Rather, it would seem the singularity is closer to The Borg from the Star Trek Next…

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  • Summary Of Singularity By Paul Alan

    a claim that contradicts the claims made by Kurzweil and Vernor Vinge regarding “singularity” stating, “While we suppose this kind of singularity might one day occur, we don’t think it is near. In fact, we think it will be a very long time coming.” Alan lays out the article by providing the claims Kurzweil mentions in his article, and provides statements and evidence that contradicts them. He begins his article by providing the main thesis statement and claims made by two futurists, Kursweil…

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  • Controversial Relationship Between Theodore And Samantha In Spike Jonze's Film Her

    It seems to me those who advocating singularity is actually playing up the omnipotent potential of human being; a behavior reminds me of “Playing God." Singularity does provide a seemingly dazzling and infinite future of human being, but the truth is that human knows it better than any other creature that nature state of life is struggling due to limited amounts of power. For example, the reason why people love SiFi is that they have something to anticipate and it is such an expectation that…

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  • Social Media Privacy

    how quickly information can spread through social media. Technological convergence provides us access to more things than we could ever imagine. With little effort we can check our bank accounts, stream Netflix, video chat with friends all over the world, and read a book on our phones. This is due to what Jenkins refers to as Convergence Culture. Convergence culture is defined as an era where old and new media collide and multiple forms of media merge together. One of Jenkins main focuses’…

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