Technological convergence

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  • Social Media Privacy

    quickly information can spread through social media. Technological convergence provides us access to more things than we could ever imagine. With little effort we can check our bank accounts, stream Netflix, video chat with friends all over the world, and read a book on our phones. This is due to what Jenkins refers to as Convergence Culture. Convergence culture is defined as an era where old and new media collide and multiple forms of media merge together. One of Jenkins main focuses’ is on technological convergence and how even traditional content is now becoming digitalized. In his book Convergence Culture, we see an example of technological convergence with an anticipated Bollywood film. “Rok Sako To Rok Lo (2004), was screened in its entirety to movie buffs in Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai and other parts of India through EDGE-enabled mobile phones with live video streaming facility. This is believed to be the first time that a feature film had been fully accessible via mobile phones,” (Jenkins 4). Movies no longer need passive media like a traditional theater to be accessed. Through the convergence of technology people have the ability to view a new film right on their personal phones. As Jenkins explains, consumers play a huge role in convergence as they strive to find new media and ways to connect. Individuals are the ones creating new ways of access and converging media. Through technological convergence we can do so many more things with just one…

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  • Imax Innovation Case Study

    This class, though we spent the majority of time talking about innovation, both sustaining and disruptive, was at its heart a class about convergence. In layman’s terms, convergence is the coming together of two or more distinct entities or experiences. There are three main lenses through which we at convergence, technological, economic, and cultural. Technological convergence occurs when existing technologies come together in a way that inspires new use or creates new applications. An example…

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  • Multi Modal Media

    & Deuze 2001). Essentially, network journalism is a new sub-genre of media, allowed to come about as a result of the internet and the massive number of users on it (Bardoel & Deuze 2001). Quite simply, this concept can be broken down into three core ways that it is changing popular culture. The first, according to the source, is that it has the potential to make the journalist as an intermediary force in democracy somewhat superfluous (Bardoel & Deuze 2001). This convergence of media, according…

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  • The Maya Collapse

    results in the perseveration of sediment integrity and thus, provided the geologists with a natural clock to determine when the sediments were laid down using yearly resolution (Peterson and Haug 2005, 324). It has been argued that the rainfall record of Cariaco Basin cannot provide insight on the rainfall record of most Maya sites because of the distance between the locations: for example, the site at Tikal, Guatemala which is 2,700 kilometers away from the Cariaco Basin (Aimers 2011, 45).…

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  • Fantasy In Ernest Bormann's The Breakfast Club

    through dramatization and rhetorical vision. “Rhetorical vison is considered to be construction of a groups world view”. Once engaged in the fantasy, the theme itself creates a cohesiveness within the group. He incorporated fantasy themes into his theory called symbolic convergence theory, which involves “sharing group fantasies that create symbolic…

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  • Ex Machina Argument Essay

    A popular theme in many works of fiction includes machines overthrowing and either ruling over or attempting to eradicate humanity. The 2014 film, Ex Machina, takes a very different approach from the more popular depiction. The approach is more intellectual and psychological, regarding the concept of artificial intelligence. Instead of the general plot of, “humankind needs to be saved from the machines,” it deals with defining consciousness and what it means to be human. In Kevin Kelly’s…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Personal Electronic Devices

    everything we want to know streamed directly into our brains. While this sounds like an amazing chance for medical advancement this is also an amazing chance for corporate America to use the implants to their advantage advertising in our sleep sending messages directly to our brain. Not to mention that since our brain is controlled by electric pulses putting a machine in there leads to the possibility of mind control and controlling people without their knowledge. Luckily we are not at this…

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  • Hearing Aid Advantages And Disadvantages

    Hearing Loss Around thirty-two million people in the United States have hearing losses of some degree. Of this number, approximately two million people have hearing losses severe enough to be considered deaf. We define the word “deaf,” as either partially or completely lacking in the sense of hearing (Lytle & Rovins). Throughout history, there have been many technological advances invented to aid the deaf, such as assistive devices, sign language, hearing aids and cochlear plants and…

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  • Technological Change Research Paper

    equipment, ideas, techniques, and knowledge to perform tasks or to produce goods and services. Technological change, including advances in products, processes, or new physical and conceptual tools, is making human resources an increasingly crucial element in many organizations. It is also helping to create new industries and to transform older ones. For these reasons, technological change and its impact on the management process has been the subject of much attention. The introduction of…

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  • Transhumanist Subculture

    Subcultures and Social Trends: The Transhumanists – The Singularity and Modern Cyborgs It is estimated that somewhere around the year 2045, a technological singularity will occur- the point at which artificial intelligence outstrips human capacity; only it’s not quite the story as James Cameron portrayed it in his groundbreaking movie *The Terminator*. Rather, it would seem the singularity is closer to The Borg from the Star Trek Next…

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