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  • Social Issues In John Hughes's The Breakfast Club

    that are very relatable to teens in high school of that age range. The early 80’s film was centered around five teens who have in some way been stereotyped by not only their peers but also by their parents and other authority figures. The main theme for the film is to overcome stereotypes and develop a voice for one’s self. As we as self-confidence and self-acceptance. At the end of the film each characters opens up about who they are and realizes that they should no longer accept the standards their parents or peers have set for them and decide that it is time to take control of their own live and be who they believe they are as a young adult. John…

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  • Role Of Violence In Teen Films

    Teen Violence in Movies and Socially Constructed Views Although teens may not legally drink, smoke, own property, or buy firearms they are often depicted in films with remarkable levels of violence. The subject of violence in teen films has become a popular representation of teenagers. An alarming number of adults have negative impressions of teenagers. Importantly, film may play a dangerous role in developing these impressions. Films featuring teens prompt that teenagers are violent,…

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  • The Six Principles Of Persuasion In Teen Vogue

    In middle school I had always been infatuated with the Teen Vogue magazines. I loved looking at the latest fashion trends, hearing about the newest makeup products, and reading the recent interviews with A-List celebrities. Almost seven years later, I’m back looking at my old Teen Vogue magazines, realizing that many of the advertisements placed in the magazines aren’t necessarily appropriate for Teen Vogue’s target market- especially one in particular. Using the persuasive technique “sex sells”…

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  • Teenage Stress Research Paper

    stress level on a scale 1-10 is a 4.9, ages 18-33 have a stress level of 5.4, (American psychological association survey shows teen stress rivals 1). This data tells us that stress is extremely common and affects many in negative ways. 20% of Americans report extreme stress, although it’s declining. 35% of all ages say stress rose in the past year, 60% tried to reduce stress in the last 5 years, 53% are still trying, (American psychological association survey shows teen stress rivals 1). This…

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  • Underrepresentation Of Women

    Sypeck, Gray, and Ahrens (2004) studied women’s body sizes on the covers of Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Mademoiselle, and Vogue between 1950 and 1999, and found a significant decrease in size between 1980 and 1999. Alternatively, Luff and Gray (2009) analyzed the teenage magazines YM and Seventeen between 1956 and 2005 and found the body size of cover models increased over time in YM and remained consistent in Seventeen. The authors reported these teen magazines were moving away from the trend of the…

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  • Japanese Popular Culture Research Paper

    Japanese Popular Culture Japanese culture, particularly traditional Japanese culture has plenty of roots in traditional Chinese culture. However, Japanese culture is rich and diverse, dating back to 10,000 BC when the Jomon people first settled in Japan. It is widely known for its traditional arts and its contemporary pop culture. Nowadays in Japan it is still possible to notice kimono-clad women shuffling down the street with umbrellas overhead and oversized sumo wrestlers battling competitors…

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  • Difference Between Pop Rock And Country Music

    Pop, Rock, and Country music has changed a lot throughout the decades especially since the 1970’s and 80’s compared to 2016 music. Obviously I wasn’t born yet so all this research is from family members, the internet or conversations with people in local music shops. In the 70’s and 80’s you had a lot of good bands and musicians such as Aerosmith, Aero Speed Wagon, Billy Joel and a bunch of others that were great that we could name. The music types most people listened to in the 70’s and 80’s…

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  • Pop Music Essay

    Some people think they know the exact definition and history of pop music, when really there's not one. Many believe that pop music has all been the same, when it has changed multiple times and still is changing. The history of Pop music is important because it tells you how the world’s culture has changed. Unlike country or rock, pop music isn’t a specific category. The term for pop music has been changing all of the time. At first it was known as popular music (“Pop Music History Facts and…

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  • Pop Music Industry Research Paper

    The mainstream music scene of this time was dominated by auto tuned pop music and hip-hop. Artists such as Brittany Spears and Kanye West held the forefront of the music industry and made the big bucks. The adolescent popularization of emo music also made bands like My Chemical Romance and Blink 182 shine. There was also a rise in popularity for alternative rock bands like the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Oasis. In 2005 we saw YouTube take form and with the internet being able to spread music more…

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  • Fashion Trends In 80's

    Some decades are more remembered than others. Teens may cling to one decade for many different reasons. If all teens were lucky they would have grown up in the 80’s and not the 90’s. Teenagers growing up in the 90’s never experience the big hair, bright clothes, and the great dance music of the 80’s. With that being said, there are many things that make one decade better than the other. Some of those things may include the music, the fashion, and the technology. Music is changing every…

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