Computer-aided design

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Computer Aided Design In The Textile Industry

    CAD is a major part for a garments industry. In this department they create pattern/ marker as per sample or buyers requirement. CAD or Computer-aided design has brought a revolution in the Textile Industry. The time consuming and cumbersome process of textile designing has been made easier by CAD. Now thoughtful and innovative designs are available to the textile designers and textile manufacturers at the click of a mouse. When the products in pre-manufacturing stage are designed with the help of computer-based tools, it is termed as CAD or Computer-aided design. Sometimes the acronyms such as CADD or CAID are also used which stand for "Computer-aided design and drafting" and “Computer-aided Industrial Design” respectively. These terms are mostly used in the sectors related to the manufacturing of engineering goods. As far as textile industry is related, CAD is generally used for interpreting computerized designing. It includes both, software and sometimes special-purpose hardware. •…

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  • Informational Interview Reflection

    that he is responsible to work in two separate departments, taking care of all drawings and also work with production team to sort quality issues and make improvements in fabrication. If there are any improvements to be made to the product, he can inspect and take it back to the drawing board and produce even better and efficient product design. He also works on custom projects beginning from the design stage till the end of production. My third question to him was about; How does he like his…

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  • Stephenson High School Case Study

    The school is very old, and therefore it is in need of many updates. The ceiling leaks, the floors are cracked, and teachers are short on resources. Several classes are not able to supply proper materials because the school is unwilling to pay for updated books and software. Rather than shelling out thousands of dollars for Chromebooks, the school could have provided repairs and resources that would enrich the learning environment. Multiple teachers were denied updated textbooks and software…

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  • Plato Research Paper

    Often the most widely consumed by the general public, architectural renderings are oddly inconsequential in the actual realization of a physical building or structure. Clearly the most common way to engage with a piece of architecture is to simply be there, experiencing the space first hand as the designer intended it. However, when entering the beginning stages of the long architectural process clients understandably prefer to have some idea of what they are investing their time and money in…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Zero Marginal Cost Society

    When I look at today 's world, it is hard to imagine another field that is going to change our society as much as computer technology does. I believe in the vision illustrated in Jeremy Rifkin 's book “The Zero Marginal Cost Society” that the emerging technology infrastructure – the Internet of Things (IoT) – will connect everyone and everything, use Big Data, analytics and algorithms to increase productivity and efficiency, and lower the marginal cost of producing and sharing to near zero. I…

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  • Information Security Case Study: Raytheon Company

    Because of his involvement with computer software and programming, safety issues often come up in his job field. Ramirez points out that after the Sony hack attack from North Korea no one is really safe when it comes to cybersecurity. One of the best things a software engineer could do is to be more mindful of his duties and increase his own security. This action should then lead to increased security amongst employees, and in turn lead to an increase on security for the company overall.…

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  • Apple's Operation Management Strategy

    chain management, designing of products, and sales and operation planning. There are many concerns with competition, emerging technology, customer and market issues, labor concerns, and new laws and regulation. The market for Apple now consists of watches, phones, computers, music players, and TV’s. The problem is Apple is currently having disappointing results as compared to usual. One article explains that shares of Apple have lost about 25% of their value in the past year and are at their…

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  • Importance Of Architectural Space Planning

    a layout which when realized will satisfy all the given requirements. The requirements given can be broadly categorized as Dimensional and Topological. While the former deals with the issues of a space’s length, width, height or orientation, the latter considers the relationship between two spaces, for example: the adjacency or proximity. Apart from these two domains, cultural requirements also play a big role which generally give the artistic touch to a design based on the contemporary…

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  • My Ideal Mechanical Engineer

    Are you creative, breadth of knowledge, versatile and want to make the world more efficient with your creativity? If the answer is yes, let me tell you that Mechanical Engineering would be ideal for you. Mechanical Engineers create, design and manufacture all types of objects. They ensure that the designs function safely, efficiently, and reliably; Engineers make a enormous difference to our world to meet human needs. Given these points, to become an engineer it takes desire and dedication.…

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  • Inventory Design Research Paper

    An Eye For The Smaller Details: Accessory Design Degree If you notice the accessories before the outfit and instantly know whether they match, then you might be destined for an accessory design degree. It is a creative and ever-evolving field where you get to get to turn your designs into reality. Because of the strong focus on creativity and excellent design, it is also a field that is perfect if you love working with your hands and have a strong imagination. As long as you have the…

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