Computer-mediated communication

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  • Computer Mediated Communication Analysis

    Along with the development of technology, computer-mediated communication (CMC) is becoming common practices in our social interaction. Unlike face-to-face conversation (FTF), these practices are unique because both production and reception footings only utilize verbal communication to perform an entire conversation. There are two different characteristics in which the utterances are transmitted in CMC. The first one is one-way transmission where the recipient is unaware of the process of creating the utterance (i.e. email conversation). The other is two-way transmission where the recipient can see the utterance as it is being typed. In this article, Anderson, et. al. study the nature of turn taking and conversation management in two-way transmission…

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  • Computer Mediated Communication Reflection

    I wasn’t as good at communication as thought. Taking this Intro to communication course I was able to have a new insight and view on what it means to communicate. Even though my score was slightly lower I feel as though some aspects of my communication have improved. For one I feel that my communication with people in my personal relationships has improved. Although I never thought that I was an extremely cold person I knew that in some cases I would have a distant kind of attitude. I…

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  • Effective Communication In The Computer Mediated Environment

    Effective communication plays a pivotal role in nearly every aspect of both your personal and professional life. Skilled computer mediate communication skills impress friends, family, colleagues and customers, and creates a positive environment, while poor communication causes confusion, frustration, inefficiencies and misinterpretation. This paper will summarize the importance of understanding how to effectively communicate using both verbal and non-verbal communication in the computer mediated…

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  • Increased Dependency On Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC)

    Literature Review In the past few years, today’s society has experienced the rapid proliferation of new information technologies referred to as social media that support interpersonal communication and collaboration through Internet-based platforms. Some of the most common social media tools are social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook that have hundreds of millions of users on a daily basis. The popularity and increased used of social media continues to grow and has become an…

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  • Development Theory, Uses And Theories Of Computer Mediated Communication

    Communication theories include the following: • Development Theory • Audience Theory-Uses and Gratification • Computer Mediated Communication • Attraction-Selection-Attrition Framework • Medium theory However, the theories can be explained by stating that: 1. Development theory: This is a Classical theory that describes the need for the media to take position as agents of development, and ensuring to meet the cultural, social, political and economic needs of the country. Nora C. Quebral…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Face-To-Face Negotiation

    Face-to face negotiation, suggested by its name, which is also the richest medium, generally involves two parties to be present which may be the key to building trust in a business relationship. Computer-mediated communication has always been linked to less trust and less effective in terms of effectiveness and the likelihood of future collaborations (Geiger & Parlamis, 2013, p. 67). This proves that face-to-face negotiation allows negotiators to build trust more easily amongst themselves.…

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  • Uncertainty Reduction Theory By Charles Berger And Richard Calabrese

    What is the communication topic about? Uncertainty reduction theory is an idea that was written about in 1975 by Charles Berger & Richard Calabrese. The central idea behind this theory is that when individuals first meet strangers they will employ certain strategies to gain information about this unfamiliar person in order to be able to predict or explain that persons’ actions, thoughts, and feelings (cited by Gibbs, Ellison & Lai, 2011, Antheunis, Valkenberg & Peter, 2010). According to…

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  • The Importance Of Interpersonal Communication In The Workplace

    Interpersonal communication is a key tool to successfully break down barriers that people often build up. Hinkle 3 While I do conduct a lot of my communicating with upper management, departments, and students in one-on-one settings, such as meetings, PowWows, classroom, or through us interacting on the clinic floor, I do have to, also, spend a great deal of spending/responding to emails, a “electric mail messages exchanged through a computer network, and text messages.” The form of…

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  • Informatics: A Brief History Of Nursing Informatics

    A computer is defined as any programmable electronic device that can store, retrieve, and process data. The fundamental idea of computing developed back in the 1200’s to help solve problems with a series of written procedures. In the early 1640’s, a hand powered adding machine, the mechanical calculator was manufactured. In the 1800’s, Joseph-Marie Jacquard built a loom that was weaved by reading punched holes stored on a small sheet of hardwood and when plates were inserted and powered by…

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  • Nonverbal Communication In Social Media

    With social networking emerging at the forefront of a new era for interpersonal communication it also brings with it new questions about nonverbal communication associated with the use of social networks. A study conducted in 2014 by Fleuriet, Cole, and Guerrero of Arizona State University (p. 429) allows us insight into our real life reactions to nonverbal cues and communication that we interact with while on a social network. This paper will explain the procedures followed by the researchers…

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