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  • Band Hinds Concert Report

    Concert On April 17, the band Hinds with opening act Twin Peaks perform live at the Crescent Ballroom in Downtown Phoenix. It was a Monday and I had class at 5:45pm till 7pm and homework due soon. Like every college student we tend to procrastinate and say "screw it, have fun",yet regret it later. That day I proudly skip class and my boyfriend and I take a lyft from my house to downtown Phoenix and meet up with our group of friends. To give a little information on the band, Hinds is a Spanish indie alternative band from Madrid. "All four band members are girls, Carlotta Cosials (vocals, guitar), Ana Perrote (vocals, guitar), Ade Martin (bass, backing vocals) and Amber Grimbergen (drums). As for Twin Peaks, their style is alternative…

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  • Steel Band Concert Report

    13th, 2017 I attended the Steel Band concert in the Fine Arts Recital Hall directed by Dr. Scott Harris. I formally had never attended a concert of this kind. When I thought of a steel band before I would think of just tubas and trumpets, I never thought it would be a band of Caribbean type steel drums. From the very beginning I was greeted with many interesting details which presently surprised me. Overall Western Kentucky University’s Steel Band concert was a very entertaining and eye-opening…

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  • Personal Narrative: A Post-Hardcore Band In Concert

    the line we all got quiet, this is it, we were in, we were all going to see our idols. We were going to hear them sing, to us, and it was amazing. When you think about seeing someone in concert you think about someone you have been dying to see. The night before we left for Shakopee, I studied the bands, what kind of music they played and what they sounded like. Very few of them became favorites, as I am very picky the kind of music I listen to. I was scared because I was still fairly new to…

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  • Fry Street Band Concert Report

    This last Tuesday, September 20th the Fry Street Quartet performed at the Caine Performance Hall. I was in attendance at this even and my feelings about it are varied. I chose this performance for a few reasons, first was that despite it not really fitting into the rock or pop categories whatsoever I was curious to see if any type of message could be spread by a quartet playing classical music. It is a different type of music for the subject and as the performance went on it became clear it was…

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  • Football Team's Participation In Buccaneer Friday

    football players, and the band members. Between every class, the fight song will be played over the intercom and a certain anxiousness overcomes the student body as the hours upon game time draw near. Most Fridays, class schedules will be shortened so that there will be time for a pep rally at the end of the day. As soon as the bell dismisses students from school, the struggle to get ready begins. Buccanettes will report straight to the dance room where the parents would have set out dinner and…

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  • Lip Syncing In Lonely Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

    The music business is filled with scandals and drama; therefore, it is no surprise as technology evolves opportunities for musicians to face scandal increases. One scandal allowed by technology is lip syncing. An increasing amount of musicians take the easy way out and lip sync during concerts and important events. Lip syncing is an inexcusable offense for a musician. It is deceitful and wrong for artists to lip sync in live performances, and it should not be allowed. Performers are held to a…

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  • Listening To A Concert Analysis

    Experiencing a concert live is breath taking because it comes to realization how much work the artist has put into the music and choreography. Listening to the album is based off of visuals in your head as of what is going on in the song, or how the story is being played out. The concert is about giving the fans a show, but artist also let fans join in on the songs while they sing it just to see how many people actually listen to the music that they have been putting out. You could anticipate…

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  • Wind Band History Essay

    The tradition of concert, or wind bands has developed so much over many centuries and eras in the world of music. There is a lot of evidence of some instruments, like trumpets, drums, and horns. Although these early uses of instruments were mostly used for signs of battle or war, and not music. It took about until the 17th Century that a band was considered a group of musicians, or something near. At that time, to the people there; there wasn’t really a difference between a band and an…

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  • Rock Music Vs Classical Music Essay

    The Classical music performance had an order to it in the way the musicians walk out, sit down and how they played. The crowd would be very respectful and professional while watching the orchestra. The crowd would clap when need and would be quiet when needed. The orchestra would perform in a beautiful theater not outside on an open stage like a rock concert. A rock concert differs from that of a classical performs. The band usually has no order to way the play. They just kind of all walk on…

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  • An Interview With My Mother

    mother response was that she enjoyed much of the popular music at the time but leaned towards rock bands. Growing up in the Seattle area, she enjoyed listening to bands such as Nirvana and Pearl Jam because of their local connection. She said that as a teenager she didn 't listen to as much music as her peers but still enjoyed listening to the music on the radio and her cassette player! I then asked, what was your favorite concert that you have ever attended? She told me she had attended a few…

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