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  • The Great Powers In Europe

    The time period between 1815 and 1914 was a time of uncertainty among the Great Powers in Europe. The center of the insecurity among the countries in Europe was the steady and fearful decline of the Ottoman empire. Due to this factor, conflicts among the Great Powers was caused by the fear of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire due to the fact that the fall of the Ottomans would unleash chaos upon Europe that has not been seen since the Napoleonic wars, and the since the establishment of the Status Quo at the Congress of Vienna. Tensions and hostilities felt among the Great powers gradually increased over time due to these three events the acknowledgment of the eastern question, the Greeks war for independence, and the lastly the Great Eastern…

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  • Listening To A Concert Analysis

    Experiencing a concert live is breath taking because it comes to realization how much work the artist has put into the music and choreography. Listening to the album is based off of visuals in your head as of what is going on in the song, or how the story is being played out. The concert is about giving the fans a show, but artist also let fans join in on the songs while they sing it just to see how many people actually listen to the music that they have been putting out. You could anticipate…

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  • Renaissance Faire Concert Report

    The UT Dallas School of Arts and Humanities presented a concert at the Jonsson Performance Hall titled “A Renaissance Faire.” They held showings October 28th & 29th from 8 PM to 9:30 PM. The show featured the UT Dallas Chamber Singers and students from Advanced Vocal Instruction. The concert singers preformed mainly a cappella, but they were also accompanied by accompanist Michael McVay, who played an electronic piano modified to sound like a lute. Kathryn Evans, the conductor, also accompanied…

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  • Personal Narrative: Melanie Martinez Concert

    When envisioning an oversized teddy bear, an old fashioned alphabet building block set, and a jack-in-the-box that is emanating a soothing tune, one might think they are in a child’s playroom. Unexpectedly, however, these things were found during a concert; a Melanie Martinez concert. Melanie’s style and general theme of her concerts can more than often be described as possessing a whimsical, carnival, feel due to her usage of circus props, such as a carousel, and distinct carnival pop tunes.…

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  • Lip Syncing In Lonely Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band

    The music business is filled with scandals and drama; therefore, it is no surprise as technology evolves opportunities for musicians to face scandal increases. One scandal allowed by technology is lip syncing. An increasing amount of musicians take the easy way out and lip sync during concerts and important events. Lip syncing is an inexcusable offense for a musician. It is deceitful and wrong for artists to lip sync in live performances, and it should not be allowed. Performers are held to a…

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  • Music Concert Experience

    music concert on the MTSU campus. There were around 60-70 people who attended this concert. Most of the individuals who attended were more than likely there for a class because more than half were students who did not understand the concept of staying off of their phone. When the three performers came out they were playing the Cello and the Piano. There was also an older lady there that was singing what sounded like opera singing. All of the individuals that were performing were teachers in at…

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  • Dunnkirk Music Observation

    For this concert report, I attended the Cash Cash concert at Dunnkirk. This was on a Tuesday night and it was very packed. Luckily, I got there early and was able to stand in the very front row, so I had a great view and could hear great. Before Cash Cash performed, ad DJ Matt Molewyk performed. I would say that this was the starting indicator. While he started to play, people starting trickling in because they knew that Cash Cash would start playing soon. When Cash Cash came on, the…

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  • Jazz Concert Critique

    Unforgettable with Stephanie Aaron and the Bradley Jazz Ensemble was a very unique experience. I do not attend many concerts, but the ones that I have gone to were nothing like this one. The concert was full of energy and the lighting was dynamic. I mostly went to traditional concerts, but this jazz concert was much more energetic. When musicians would finish a solo the crowd would applaud and there was a lot of movement among the ensemble. For example, during the piece “Sing Sing Sing” the…

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  • Live Performance Observation

    When I started the search for an interesting subject to do my fieldwork on, I found it a challenge to overcome scheduling obstacles and still find something that would suit my fancy. After I finally found an event, I thought about what my topic would be and became extremely overwhelmed when searching for a theme that is intriguing while also giving a new perspective to what some would call basic observations of a live performance. With that said, I found it immensely relieving when I began to…

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  • My First Music Concert

    went to their concert? Any first music concert a human goes to will definitely either have an excellent experience or disappointment. Compared to other crowded events like your NBA basketball game, the intensity of people is ridiculously loud and everyone wants to put their hard earned cash to good use. However, price ranges from $30 to $500 over in resale for concert tickets and some people critically acclaim about how well the show will be. At the age of 19, four days after my birthday I saw a…

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