Steel Band Concert Report

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On Monday, November 13th, 2017 I attended the Steel Band concert in the Fine Arts Recital Hall directed by Dr. Scott Harris. I formally had never attended a concert of this kind. When I thought of a steel band before I would think of just tubas and trumpets, I never thought it would be a band of Caribbean type steel drums. From the very beginning I was greeted with many interesting details which presently surprised me. Overall Western Kentucky University’s Steel Band concert was a very entertaining and eye-opening experience.
As I entered the auditorium and sat in my seat anxiously waiting for the performance I was intrigued by the look of the drums, as it was the first time I had ever seen steel drums. When the instrumentalist came out full
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Harris got up and introduced some of the procession, and drum set instrumentalist as well as talked about other traditional instruments such as congas, cow bells, maraca shakers, and all kind of other instrument’s that originated in the Caribbean. Dr. Harris wanted to keep the energy up with a more jumping around and dancing as they played a newer song which happens to be a favorite of the bands called Bush Dance. The beat of the song was just as uplifting and fun as the rest. I loved watching everyone just dance around and enjoy themselves.
Towards the end of the night I was taken back as Dr. Harris begins to speak about the student favorites which included a classic round of limbo that happens at almost all his concerts. As the instrumentalist begin to clap, cheer and encourage everyone to get out of their seat and join in they played Limbojump. The song itself made you want to get out of your seat and dance so when they brought limbo into the performance it put a smile on just about everyone’s face in the audience.
They band ended their concert with a performance called Marianne, although it was also very well preformed and a great song it had a little bit of a different was still upbeat and tropical sounding the beat was just different than the rest which I really enjoyed, ;they changed the beat halfway through which added a nice touch to the song as it showed how it stuck out as an ending song that would leave everyone remembering it for the nights to

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