Dance Performance Review Essay

The formation of dance has lived on this world for many generations as we continue to pass through history. When I went to the wonderful performance at Pierce College I experienced a whole new perspective on dancing. The concert had many types of students performing mixed dance projects of all types like solos and duets. There was an average size of one to eight dancers per project which made it the ideal size for the concert. I really enjoyed the creativity and effort put into this performance. The concert was so colorful when the students performed and the costumes blended in well with the colors. The whole setup was a perfect design to get our full interested attention. The choices of colors were endless and always mixing I could have never …show more content…
The performance meant a lot to me because it gave me a whole new perspective in the importance of dancing. The dance represented a familiar scenario which I recognized in professional theaters. This was worth my money and time because I was amused and thrilled with new content. The theme of the dance was easy to recognize because of the performers body language and visual appearance. It basically let me know whether it was dark or happy themed. My mood was jubilant that day because I was glad I came to that performance instead of staying home. I would have felt home sick with all that final review so it was pleasant and peaceful having entertainment for such a low cost but great performance. The movements I identified were a lot of the terms I went over in dance class from degage to grand battement, the list goes all over. The name of the performance should be called “The Art of Adventure” and it should be divided into subgenres which focuses on the main theme adventure. Adventure can be dim or bright but they always seem to have a long lasting well produced ending. The performance attempted to give a dark but loving story which will keep you amused throughout the whole concert. I learned a lot about the choreographers in the performance by the way they presented themselves. Presentation means a lot and the way they proceeded was professional. The dance was successful to a point where everyone in the audience was thrilled and amazed from the performance. Practice makes perfect and the only way to improve is to try and do it over and over

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