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  • Tap Dance Essay

    Savion Glover and George Wolfe, in Bring In Da Noise, Bring in Da Funk, use tap dance to evoke historical tap figures in differing ways of making a particular statement on their view of African American tap artistry. The musical traces the history of “the beat” through its origins in Africa, into America through the slave trade, and finally the different forms it took through American history. In the show, the two satirical sequences and Savion’s solo come in the second act, which begins with a young man, “the Kid,” searching for the beat in Hollywood. His search brings him into a soundstage where “Grin and Flash” and “Uncle Huckabuck” are performing. In their sleek suits and ties, the Grin and Flash act has exactly what their name says: beaming smiles and flashy performance. The two dancers sing a jazzy show tune, with full-bodied movements and dripping theatricality, jazz hands included. Not a lot of grounded, rhythmic tap is involved - there’s a couple wings and shuffle grab offs, but most of…

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  • Informative Essay On Tap Dance

    People usually think tap dance does not need too much work, all you need is stamp your feet on the ground and make some loud noise. But actually, tap dance has two major variations, one is rhythm (jazz) tap and another one is Broadway tap. “Broadway tap focuses on dance; it is widely performed in musical theater. Rhythm tap concentrates on musicality, and practitioners consider themselves to be a part of the Jazz tradition.” According to the Rhythmic Circus official website, Rhythmic Circus is…

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  • African American Tap Dance

    create a form of tap dance that is relative to what we do today? Tap dance original come from different ethnic like African, Scottish, Irish, and English clog dances, hornpipes, and jigs. In the late few decades of the 20th century, people are believed that African slaves and Irish employee are interchange their knowledge of tap dancing and it creates the tap dance in every generation from that time. Because of the competition of tap dance from different country, it makes this dance more…

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  • Dancing Outlaw: Ethical Issues In Documentary Film

    Dancing Outlaw, we are introduced to Jesco White, a man who wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and become the next best tap dancer. In the beginning of the documentary, Jesco talks about how his father used to be the ‘king’ of tap dancing until a tragedy occurred causing him to not be able to dance anymore. Young said that he believed that Jesco thought that this documentary was going to be his “big break” (Lewis). I must agree with Young, I believe that Jesco thought that the documentary…

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  • Black Bottom Dance In The 1920's

    Before the Lindy-Hop was popular and long before tap dance was established in the United States, Black Bottom dance was popular among both Blacks and Whites in Harlem, New York. The dance craze, appropriated from the blacks in Harlem’s nightclubs, became a big rage when brought to the white community and put on stage for the first time in 1926. Black Bottom dance, also known as “Swanee Bottom” was a popular dance among lower class African Americans in the early 1900s, but later was modified and…

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  • Bill Robinson's Influence On Tap Dancing

    Richmond, Virginia. He transformed the traditional style of tap dancing and launched a new style altogether that continues to influence tap dancing. Shirley Temple was born in 1928 in Santa Monica, California and became the new face of Hollywood and television as a child star. These two came together in films such as The Little Colonel in 1935 and captured the hearts of American audiences and forever impacted the future of tap dancing and the potential end of racial segregation. Despite their…

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  • Gene Kelly Research Paper

    Kellys, a family troupe patterned after the famous Seven Little Foys” (Fletcher 16). Although he took dance classes at the studio partially owned by his mother, Kelly did not necessarily want to pursue the art as a career. He is quoted as stating: In the 1930 's, when I started, Martha Graham was the only dancer doing anything modern, but she did it all to classical music. I couldn 't see myself doing 'Swan Lake ' every night, and I…

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  • Fred Astaire Influence On Dance

    limit. The style of jazz music emerged, inspiring newer styles of dance including tap dancing. A pivotal moment in the dawning of the age of jazz certainly can be traced to the sheer effervescence and charisma captured in the way Fred Astaire danced in the style of tap, as well as with a partner. Fred Astaire’s groundbreaking and timeless dance style further supports that dance is a beautiful interconnection of expression and pure entertainment. In the early days, Fred was not always in the…

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  • Dance Concert Analysis

    Concert Paper Unlike a book or a Movie, Dancing can be interpreted in many different ways with just movements, no dialogue required. Each dance can have a different story, and themes. The problem is that the story can be overlooked if the people watching do not pay attention and see the subtle inflections that add character to the performances. In the Concert that I observed in class I interpret two completely diverse performances, one performance dealing with happiness, and another with grief.…

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  • Write An Essay On Contemporary Tap Legend

    selected for this paper seemingly go hand in hand even though I had no prior knowledge of their backgrounds when I chose them. Although it can be said that all of the old tap legends served as leaders in the industry for the future generations, this particular legend was a pioneer for African-Americans in show business and paved the way for my chosen contemporary tap legend to succeed. Prince Spencer was born in Jenkinsville, South Carolina on October 3, 1917. At seven years old Prince was…

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