Spring Dance Concert Review

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On April 28, 2016 the Redfield Proscenium Theatre is full of excitement from energized parents, peers, professors, and choreographers, as everyone patiently waits for the Spring Dance Concert to start. The lights are finally dimmed and the applause stops as soon as the stage lights turn on. The concert starts off with “Space Taken” by Katie Dahlaw which explores gender stereotypes and ends with a piece by Kathleen Hermesdorf titled “Fern” that starts off with dancers surrounded around a Fern. The overall concert left the lady sitting next to me in awe as she asked me for a tissue to wipe the tears falling from her tear ducks. I did not have any expectations as I entered the show because I did not want to be disappointed. Furthermore, I was …show more content…
The music was loud and I had to put earplugs in just to make it through the performance. The dancers were clapping their hands, posing, as the 80’s music played. The female performer with the purple and gold dress had a great catwalk. She was one of the best performers in that piece. “Intervertebral” by Cari K. Cunningham was really good. The music starts off soothing as the tempo quickly speeds up the dancer’s movement speeds up. The dancers body filled the dresses with their backs out. I couldn 't tell the facial expressions of the dancers because the light was not focused on their faces. The last leg lift right before the lights dimmed was perfection. “Not As We Seem” by Kristen Avansino left my brain all in a knot. I could figure out what was going on in this performance because too much was going on. It starts off with the dancers walking up with space ship like things on their heads and black veils. I felt like I was watching a scary movie. Male performer walking on and off the stage with a glowing heart of his shirt. The metallic silver dresses. It was hard to keep up. It was a complete nightmare. “Groundless” by Kristin Heavey was amazing. I did not pay attention to the movement because I was so fascinated by the live playing of the accordion. That was amazing. Last but not least, “Fern” by Kathleen Hermesdorf was a bit confusing. They did movement as if they got hit by lighting. It was full of awkward smiles, “I’m sorry”, and back and forth circular movement that made me

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