Music Concert Essay

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This was the world 's first collaborative online orchestra. This extraordinary event took place at Carnegie Hall on April 15, 2009. The orchestra is made of 96 musicians and amateur musicians from 30+ countries and territories on six continents. There was also 26 different instruments included in the orchestra. The music that was played came from mozart, Debussy, and many others. The atmosphere of this concert was very formal. The musicians were wearing dresses and suits. The music that was picked was also formal because they were from famous musicians. Carnegie made the atmosphere feel serious. Musicians were there to show off their skills and play the best they could. The crowded always responded at the right times in the music so they must have been a informed audience. The song Tan Dun is a polyphonic piece. It starts off very loud with perfect dramatic cutoffs from the violins. The percussion got me very excited in the beginning with the loud clanks from the pot drums. Also, the pitch starts off very low. A solo trumpet plays a beautiful smooth melody. The tones of the solo had some bends that made the sound wavy. The beginning is mostly free flowing. Towards the end the …show more content…
It is great that we are showing music through social media to help people broaden their look on music. This symphony seemed like they were made to play with each other. The made very few mistakes and you could actually feel something about the music. The musicians made you feel as passionate as them about the music. At the beginning I got excited for the concert because of all the media they show on the ceiling and walls. It made you want to know want to know what was coming next. I also enjoyed the fact that so many ethnicities and ages that got to play. I really enjoyed the children in the beginning playing piano because it made me smile. I would definitely go to this concert and I will also watch it over again many times on

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