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  • Revolution Of Rubber Condoms

    century with the revolution of rubber condoms. In this post we dive head first into the 20th century with curiosity, jubilation, and woman getting more say in pregnancy and condoms. So, let 's finish this journey and see how far contraceptives have come. We 'll begin in 1916. An amazing year for condoms and women. A German chemist known as Julius Fromm, created a new process for making condoms. By dipping glass tubes into raw rubber, he created a textured condom. Yeah ladies! Finally, some thought of our pleasure (whether meaning to or not). He created a line of condoms called, Fromm 's Act and the line still exist and is still popular in Germany. Almost 100 years later this company that first brought…

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  • Personal Narrative-Bring Condoms

    his college girlfriend, Abby when he raped me. Christian had text me earlier in the day asking if he could come over to my apartment. Of course knowing that he had just broken up with Abby earlier, I told him I would not be his rebound. But I agreed that he could come over. It had been Mill Fest day here in Athens, Ohio and I had gone out with a few friends. Our goal of the day was to get completely trashed and walk home without getting arrested or hospitalized for consuming too much alcohol.…

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  • Parents Condoms And Hypocrisy Analysis

    Parents, Condoms and Hypocrisy In 1994 The New York Times ran an article written by Anna Quindlen. Her article is a well written piece in regards to the distribution of condoms in the New York City public schools. Up to this point, the school district had been passing out condoms to teenagers who did not require any permission from their parents. Lawsuits were filed, and the appeals courts decided that this violated parents right to confidentiality. Quindlen writes to show us that this is…

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  • Summary: The Effects Of Condom Availability

    The Effects of Condom Availability Programs Sex education has been very controversial over the past several years, and one of the major questions is whether teachers should be informing kids about safe sex or abstinence. This point prompted research and studies that shed some light on abstinence programs and how influential they claim to be. The outcome is shocking. More students in abstinence-only programs become pregnant than students who are taught safe sex. This statistic is growing and it…

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  • Condom Shop Advertisement Analysis

    The feeling of being protected or safe is one of the many needs of a human. According to protection is defined as “the act of protecting or the state of being protected; preservation from injury or harm.” But protection comes in many forms. This ad for Condom Shop is all about being properly protected and is advertising condoms and safe sex. In the ad you can clearly see that the man is in some sort of battle or situation and he is not properly covered or protected like the other…

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  • Should Condoms Be Distributed In Schools Essay

    Having condoms distributed throughout high schools would be a terrible idea. By giving children the opportunity to get condoms in high school it is going against many religions. Just because high school students have condoms available, doesn’t mean that they will actually use them for the intended purpose of a condom. Distributing condoms in public high schools would cause the school budgets to be squeezed; the taxpayers would have to pay more so their children can have safe sex. One argument…

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  • Case Study: Female Condoms In Brazil

    to promote female condoms because it is more acceptable than male condoms in Brazilian culture. Some of the strategies they used were becoming one of the few countries to offer a promising AIDS drug free to those who need it. However, the price of female condoms was 3 times the price of male condoms. For that reason, the Brazilian government should put a price cap on female condoms to about the same or at a lower price of male condoms. In India, men were embarrassed to buy condoms in public. As…

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  • Condom Machines Pros And Cons Essay

    Condoms machines on campuses is an assertive way to promote safe sex. There are many cons that come along with supporting the idea of utilizing condom machines. Some of the cons include easy and quick access, protection against sexually transmitted diseases, and teaching students to be more responsible. On college campuses there are many students who are going to be sexually active. My stance on this is that if they are going to be sexually active why not find better ways to promote having safe…

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  • Althoug Condoms

    else in between in order to educate young people. One subset of their website, “Condom basics: A User’s Manual,” ( not only illustrates why it’s important to use a condom but also demonstrate how to actually put a condom on. The site even showcases pictures with steps that individuals can follow to properly learn how to use a condom. On the other hand, you would think it should almost be common knowledge to use a condom…

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  • Grotte Des Combaziles

    things to protect men and woman while having sex. The earliest proof of condom use is believed to be found in the Grotte des Combaziles, a cave in France. Historians have dated a wall painting of a man with a condom on back to 11,000 B.C. These were not at all what we know as condoms today. Our ancient ancestors used many materials we would never think to even try to use. They used animal horns, leather sheaths, animal intestines, fish bladders, and even linen sheaths. Could you imagine? None of…

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