Personal Narrative-Bring Condoms

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We had been good friends from high school although neither of us could recall how we met. He had come from the private boy’s school down the street from my all-girls preparatory academy and that’s all I knew. He only called me when it was convenient for him or if he wanted something, and he liked to treat me like an object that he could lead on. After all, I was a whore. College was coming to an end and he had just broken up with his college girlfriend, Abby when he raped me.
Christian had text me earlier in the day asking if he could come over to my apartment. Of course knowing that he had just broken up with Abby earlier, I told him I would not be his rebound. But I agreed that he could come over. It had been Mill Fest day here in Athens, Ohio and I had gone out with a few friends. Our goal of the day was to get completely trashed and walk home without getting arrested or hospitalized for consuming too much alcohol. After being at mill fest since 10:00am we were starting to really feel the drunkenness overtake our bodies around 7:00pm. So we stumbled home to our humble abode. As we stumbled home, I managed to drunkenly text Christian: “Come over at 8:00----Bring Condoms”. My roommates were headed to the bars
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After all, I had not been taking my birth control religiously the past few days. When Christian text me that he was at our place I was happy to see him but I had no idea what we were going to do because I was so drunk. So I came up with the idea to watch Netflix in my room and lay in my bed. Being intoxicated and horny, sex happened to be on my mind. He cuddled me as we lay in my full-size bed, covered in blankets and sheets while watching The Great Gatsby. But then things got heated under the covers and we started making

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