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  • Cop Killer Music Analysis

    Indecency, which is a part of profanity, is also protected by the First Amendment. Since freedom of speech is protected and allowed, there really is no way of banning profanity. Also because there is not even a slap on the wrist for cussing, it is no wonder why profanity in the Hip-Hop culture has increased overtime. Profanity in general has become so common with our society, the moral of having respect with words is being decreased. If one does not see this terrifying than morality is…

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  • Profanity In The Workplace Essay

    goal or task often used in academic and professional settings. Whether a person is a high-school student, college student, or employee, group assignments are vital to success. However, there are tendencies to feel self-conscious of their ideas and opinions as group size increases. It can be thought that as group size increases, people’s self-censorship regarding foul language also increases. The following studies examined the pros and cons of profanity, how this effects groups, and how people…

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  • Frank's Redhot Analysis

    her profile she had: Ethel, age 30. About me: Frank’s RedHot... I put that shit on everything." At the end of the commercial, just like every Frank’s RedHot commercial, Ethel expressively says “Frank’s RedHot… I put that sh*t on everything!” And on screen, Ethel’s mouth is covered by a splat, as if a censor spilled sauce on the commercial. In this commercial, Frank’s RedHot uses an octogenarian woman using derogatory language to help aid the audience to understand how offensive terms are not…

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  • Censorship Should Be Banned In Schools

    innocent forever but they do not realize that by doing this, they are stopping their kids from becoming themselves and growing up. Many authors of controversial novels often receive emails from parents that read “what gives you the right to take away my child 's innocence” (Rohrer). The last thing mothers and fathers want is for their children to grow up. But they do not realize that stopping their children from growing leads them to be insufficiently prepared for the real world. Novels that…

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  • American Sniper Movie Analysis

    For instance, when Chris Kyle misses his shot during target practice he states, “Oh fuck”. Steven Pinker did research in profanity use and found that swear words, such as ‘fuck’, appear frequently in certain contexts and can play a different range of functions (Wang). One of these functions that can apply to any other profanity word is using profanity can be a person’s way of keeping their emotions deep down inside because otherwise without profanity they could show a form of weakness. For…

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  • Catcher In The Rye Social Commentary Essay

    Holden feels personally violated and rubbed the profanity away. He said: “I thought how Phoebe and all the other little kids would see it, and how they’d wonder what they hell it meant … and even worry about it for a couple of days” (260). Holden wishes he could kill the person who had the audacity to draw such preposterous words on a wall that countless children pass by every day. Holden, on his way out of the school, passes through a different staircase and sees a different “Fuck you” written…

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  • Sanchez's Writing Technique

    her remarkable consumption of all things literary. As Sanchez herself would put it, “I read everything” (Melhem 222). As a result, between what she lived and what she learned, Sanchez had a lot to say and sought a “fresh rearrangement of knowledge” (Gabbin 50). She found this arrangement and her voice, now devoid of stuttering, in the poetical form, and it was quite a roaring voice indeed. Sanchez herself described this, stating “when I started writing I was sharp, acerbic” (Reich 295). Literary…

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  • Profane Language: The Detrimental Effects Of Profane Language

    in different outcomes. The J. Watson & A. Hill, Dictionary of media and communication studies, portrays a speech by J.D. Rothwell relaying the rationale for using profane language as attention seeking, degrading others, evoking conflicts, a form of healing and affiliation to a group (Profane language, 2015). Profane language can be used as people express their affiliation to a group like in the instance of African Americans saluting their fellow comrades as nigga; however, it is used jokingly…

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  • Why Books Should Not Be Banned Essay

    The Grapes of Wrath, The Scarlet Letter, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, and To Kill a Mockingbird. These are just some of the books that have been banned in certain schools, bookstores and libraries. The Grapes of Wrath because of profanity and sexual references. The Scarlet Letter because it is pornographic and obscene. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn because it is oppressive and racially insensitive. And To Kill a Mockingbird because it is degrading and racist. All of these books have…

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  • Discrimination And Employment Laws: C. Robinson V. Reeves

    words that include “whore” and “bitch” have also been considered to be illegal when they are used improperly. This is essential in defining some of the extreme terms that are very vulgar and the ones that are non-gender specific such as "fucking," "bitch" always contribute to a hostile environment (Berrey, Hoffman & Nielsen, 2012). Another defense depends on the workplace and the extent to which it is considered to be hostile. According to Reeves, the work environment was not gender neutral…

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