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  • Autobiography In Slaughterhouse Five

    This store is actually a cover-up for a porn store. In the store, Billy remembers reading the books by Kilgore Trout and decides to purchase some. At the checkout he also sees a magazine with Montana Wildhack on it. The question on the cover reads “What really became of Montana Wildhack?” (204). Billy thinks this funny considering he thinks she is back on Tralfamadore while the magazine thinks she has drowned. He actually believes of the aliens yet he had a wet dream about her when he realizes he has wet the bed “Billy sniffed. His hot bed smelled like a mushroom cellar. He had had a wet dream about Montana Wildhack” (134). Here, Billy even admits to dreaming about her. Dreams are not the same as meeting and being with Montana on Tralfamadore. This proves there are no aliens. More proof comes years later when Billy realizes Mr. Trout actually lives a few miles from him. In an alley, Kilgore was bullying children into selling newspapers. Billy realizes that Kilgore seems familiar to him and strikes up a conversation. He then invites Mr. Trout to his eighteenth wedding reception. At the event one woman asks Kilgore if an event actually happened in his book and he replies with, “Of course it happened. If I wrote something that had not really happened, and I tried to sell it, I could go to jail. That’s fraud. It’s like advertising. You have to tell the…

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  • The Importance Of Time In Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse Five

    present itself and develop as Billy Pilgrim is put into different situations he is not expecting, for example time traveling to random points in his life. By going through points in his life the author not only shows the maturing of the protagonist, he also expands the plot, and develops the theme. The theme develops during the points where Billy experiences new things, places, and people. By Billy experiencing these new things, the author shows different points of Billy's life that the reader’s…

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  • Theme Of Material Wealth In Slaughterhouse Five

    not who she is as a person internally. Her fat body and rapacious behavior symbolically correlate with her materialistic possessions. In relation to the topic of money, Billy married Valencia as a way to use the material world to escape his excessive suffering as he is now “rich as Croesus” (Vonnegut 61). Croesus was a king who reigned from 560 to 546 BC over Lydia in western Asia Minor who obtained a surplus of wealth from gold discoveries. Furthermore, Vonnegut writes, “Trout, incidentally,…

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  • Kurt Vonnegut Writing Style Analysis

    third and final novel that was read in order to fully critique and to try and put Vonnegut’s writing style into words. This novel was unlike the other two, in the fact that on almost every page there are illustrations. In the preface Vonnegut states, “I think I am trying to clear my head of all the junk in there-the assholes, the flags, the underpants. Yes- there is a picture in this book of underpants. I am throwing out characters from my other books, too. I am not going to put on any more…

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  • Theme Of Death In Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five

    Steve Jobs once said, “No one wants to die. Even people who want to go to heaven don 't want to die to get there. And yet death is the destination we all share. No one has ever escaped it. And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life. It is Life 's change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.” This important passage on page 167 in Kurt Vonnegut’s book, Slaughterhouse-Five, comes from the moment in the book where Kilgore Tout is…

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  • Slaughterhouse Five Setting Analysis

    cry at his funeral”(Vonnegut 13). Vonnegut sends Billy through time, challenging religion, claiming it unavoidable. The Tralfamadorians belief of time includes that Christ isn’t part of it. In the book, a writer named Kilgore Trout and the Tralfamadorians called Jesus a “nobody”and a “scum.”(Vonnegut 49) Vonnegut creates a parody to Christ whose gospel is Tralfamadorian, for Billy faces a dilemma in which he is a double savior of two gospels, Christ and Tralfamadorianism (Vanderwerken-…

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  • Slaughterhouse-Five Book Report

    what time he would be talking about, he would begin saying one thing, change the subject, then two chapters later introduce the subject once more and continue on in detail of the occurrences that took place. Billy’s PTSD was severe, his way of escaping reality was to invent the fictional world of Tralfamadore as a form of self-therapy to cope with his psychiatric issues. In one of the many times that Billy ended up in the hospital, his roommate, Rosewater, read Kilgore Trout’s science fiction…

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  • Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughterhouse-Five Literary Analysis

    parallel condition of humanity which results in unnecessarily misinformed decisions. Vonnegut uses the fictional works of invented science fiction writer, Kilgore Trout, to make various assertions throughout the novel. One particularly memorable story features a very human-like robot with inexcusably terrible breath who participates in the war by dropping napalm from a plane. The choice to use robots for this function is logical as they lack the conscience to be affected by such actions.…

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  • Analysis Of Kurt Vonnegut's Breakfast Of Champions

    In celebration of his 50th birthday, Kurt Vonnegut wrote a book to himself as a present which is mentioned by Vonnegut in the preface of the book. The name of this book is Breakfast of Champions. This book is primarily about the meeting between a car dealer named Dwayne Hoover and an old writer named Kilgore Trout. This meeting leads to Dwayne going insane. At first, this book may seem to be a mix of irrelevant information with no exact chronological order. At times, this book can also be very…

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  • Theme Of Death In Slaughterhouse Five

    because it all disappears once death calls their names.IN Kurt Vonnegut’s novel, Slaughterhouse Five we meet the question asked as; since life always ends in death, how can it have meaning?” The novel 's protagonist, Billy Pilgrim he ventures through life after being a prisoner of war while surviving a bombing that took place in Dresden…

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