Kim Jong-il

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  • Kim Jong-Il Influence On North Korea

    Kim Jong-Il North Korea remains a mystery to the rest of the world. It holds its matters private, works in ways that confuse outsiders, and threatens those who question them. It has spent decades creating a way of life that raises curiosities and appalls outsiders through its violence and inhumane treatment of citizens. North Korea, however, accelerated its destructive path when Kim Jong-Il inherited leadership. In fact, Kim Jong-Il’s leadership brought North Korea to ruins. From early on, Kim Jong-Il followed his father learning to become the next leader of North Korea. When his father died in July of 1994, he slowly became the ruling dictator. As dictator, he stripped more and more of the government’s powers from…

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  • Lenin Biography Essay

    soldiers and an estimated 800,000 civilians, and the Japanese killed and tortured thousands of the people they conquered, especially in China. They also treated Allied prisoners of war horribly. On January 7, 1989, Hirohito died of cancer at the place of his birth and his son Akihito succeeded him to the throne. Kim Jong-Un (North Korea) 2011-???? Kim Jong-Un was born January 8, 1983, in Pyongyang, North Korea as the youngest son of Kim Jong-il. Kim Jong-Un became the leader of North Korea in…

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  • Corruption In North Korea

    The people who still had a sufficient amount of money were still able to afford the items that were once only available through state distribution. This resulted in corruption, which ultimately forced lower ranking officials to take bribes or starve to death. Not only are honestly junior officials being starved, according to the DPRK government, “over 40% of children under five are malnourished. A high proportion of pregnant women are also malnourished.” Kim Jong-Un currently rules this…

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  • Allegory In Beowulf

    The New York Times reports that “Today, North Koreans starve to death by the dozens, maybe the hundreds… the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, is said to have squandered in 2012 on “luxury goods,” including cosmetics, handbags, leather products, watches, electronics, cars and top-shelf alcohol. In that same year, Mr. Kim also spent $1.3 billion on his ballistic missile programs.” (Source 2) Kim Jong-un, due to his extreme self-individualism, completely ignores the men, women, and children…

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  • Kim Jong Un Image Analysis

    Who is the man portrayed in this photo? He appears to be a kind and generous person who is waving to his admirers. His eyes show warmth and compassion. He has an open smile and there are no signs of anger, hatred, or anything sinister about his image. From his clothes, one can assume that he has earned some kind of military honor. This man is Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader of the People’s Democratic Republic of North Korea. He is thirty-two years old and he took this position when his father,…

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  • Food Aid Impact

    production in the DPRK (Feffer). As of 2012, the DPRK has 0 percent of their food aid going towards food projects but only towards emergency food relief (Food Aid Flows 39). With the food aid given, the DPRK gave food rations based on political classification and not based on food needs. The UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food, Jean Ziegler, reported that food aid was going to the Government and army and not the ordinary citizens. Along with diverging the food aid to the Government, a…

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  • Transformative Essay: The North Korean Space Program

    So, what does this mean for the future? Well, North Korea has made it clear that they will be a major space power. Following the February Unha launch, Kim Jong-Un announced he wanted North Korea to conquer space. How exactly can North Korea conquer space? A good start would be to land on the Moon. In early August 2016, a senior official within North Korea’s space program announced that the country will continue to launch satellites and will pursue a lunar landing mission within the next…

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  • Manipulation In Animal Farm

    over gullible people. Usually they lack the education is to blame for people being so gullible. Gullible people will usually take anything they are tolled about the media as fact. As an example the gay debate which is all over the media at the moment, gullible people are seeing this on the news and fighting for the right for gay marriage. Before they saw the news story on it, they probably did not care less. They will just believe everything the media will tell them. Even the small amount of…

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  • How Does Fear Affect Society

    Panic for the People Palms are sweating, legs shaking as anxiety creeps in, and the heart beats faster and faster, racing at a speed rivaled by a racehorse. Fear is a crippling emotion that leaders have used for centuries in order to control the masses that they rule over, ignoring the fact that the use of fear weakens the government. During the time of colonial America, the leaders of Salem intimidated the people of Salem into following their orders, similar to how McCarthy controlled America…

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  • Role Of Censorship In North Korea

    censor religion is just crazy. Certain countries will censor everything and not let them use the internet or talk to people outside of their country to learn about, or even hear about things going on in the world. North Korea will not let people who live there use the internet, because they do not want people who live there to find out how it is to live in other places. Also, somethings North Korea are doing is absolutely terrible, they do not let people leave or move out of North Korea, so you…

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