Corruption In North Korea

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North Korea is perhaps the most corrupt country in Asia. North Korea’s government picks and chooses what the people are allowed to see and hear. The objective in doing so is to control the people and keep them submissive. While this is working out for the leaders of North Korea, the people are being manipulated into thinking that their lifestyle is the only way to be living. According to an Economic Freedom Snapshot, North Korea’s economic freedom status is repressed. There are 24.7 million people living in this crooked country. The global ranking is 178th and regional ranking is 42nd in the Asia-Pacific Region. This year, North Korea received an economic freedom score of 2.3. Some concerns of the country: Rule of Law, Open Markets, and Regulatory efficiency. Property rights and freedom from corruption rates have decreased …show more content…
The people who still had a sufficient amount of money were still able to afford the items that were once only available through state distribution. This resulted in corruption, which ultimately forced lower ranking officials to take bribes or starve to death. Not only are honestly junior officials being starved, according to the DPRK government, “over 40% of children under five are malnourished. A high proportion of pregnant women are also malnourished.” Kim Jong-Un currently rules this totalitarian state. He became the leader after his father, Kim Jong-Il, died in 2011. Much of Kim Jong-Un’s life is left a mystery, including his date of birth and early childhood. His mother, Ko Yuong-Hee was an opera singer. He has an older brother named Kim Jong-chol and a half-brother names Kim Jong-nam. In May 2001 his half-brother was deported from Japan. Kim Jong-un is Swiss-educated and attended Kim il-sung Military University, located in Mangyondgae-guyok, North Korea. Mr. Kim is married to Ri Sol-ju and can be seen by his side in public

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