Kim Kong-Un Problem

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The problem that North Korea is facing at the moment is not the fault of the people, but rather the government’s. Kim Jong-un is a communist leader who is purposefully stripping his people of their daily needs and essentials. Food, in North Korea, is a status symbol. The one who is able to receive lavish treatments and expensive food, is usually the government. However, because there is so little in North Korea, not everyone is treated equally and the only way to rise above everyone else, is to join the military. There are thousands of North Koreans who die from malnutrition because food is hard to come by. Even farmers are not able to get sufficient nutrients from the food they grow because their soil lacks vitamins and other essential nutrients. …show more content…
The reason why this is necessary, is to stop blindly handing out food for the military to distribute amongst the people. Giving the military all the food aids would only waste money mainly because “... Pyongyang has devoted scarce resources to nukes, other weapons, and luxuries for the nomenklatura that otherwise could be used to purchase food. The first two have cost billions; the second has run hundreds of millions” (Bandow 17). Kim Jong-un will only use the supplies that is given to him to strengthen their regime. Not only will this starve more people, but it will impact North Korea’s economy even more due to their highly invested military weapons. Sending North Korea food and money aids are not benefiting them in any way other than building their power. It is dangerous to keep giving them money in hopes that they would spend it wisely. “However, Washington should allow truly private aid (in contrast to funneling U.S. government food through nominally private NGOs, as is common)”(Bandow 21). One better solution to the problem, is to send private aids. Not only will this stop the regime from gaining more power, but it will affect the lives of those less

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