Intermediate-range ballistic missile

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  • Transformative Essay: The North Korean Space Program

    announced he wanted North Korea to conquer space. How exactly can North Korea conquer space? A good start would be to land on the Moon. In early August 2016, a senior official within North Korea’s space program announced that the country will continue to launch satellites and will pursue a lunar landing mission within the next ten years. Even though this seems overly ambitious for the country, it is not completely impossible. Using the data and lessons learned from past and future launches, a lunar mission would be easier than placing a satellite in geostationary orbit. There is an obvious advantage to launching rockets whether it is for space exploration or for missile testing. Launching rockets for space exploration gives the launching nation valuable experience. The launch also doubles for missile testing. However, North Korea may not always be free to launch whenever they please. Therefore, commercial launches outsourced to other countries may be an option for North Korea in the future. It is common for countries to have another country launch their payload for them. The only problem for North Korea may be actually finding a country willing to perform such a…

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  • Strategic Arms Limitation Talks: The Cuban Missile Crisis

    Broadly speaking, the US – Russian disarmament talks have continued in the same cold war relationship dynamics between the United States and Soviet Union. The brief interlude of the Yeltsin years was an exception. As soon as Putin took over the helms of Russia, the old cold war dynamics of mistrust and paranoia have come to the fore again. The Cuban missile crisis of 1962 underscored the need for responsible nuclear leadership and was a precursor to the détente. During the early Strategic Arms…

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  • The Day After Analysis

    of itself, had only a small impression upon the public’s consciousness (576). However, the total impact of the film’s associated media created “substantial effects on political attitudes and cognitions.” (576) Amusingly, the authors suggest that their research exposed the implausible irony that those who feared The Day After would benefit the anti-nuclear movement, may have assisted that cause by drawing media attention to the film (576). In 1983, the Cold War reached its highest level of…

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  • Essay On Arms Race

    People feared that one leader or mistake would initiate the extinction of mankind. This came as a result of statistics suggesting that a nuclear war would continue to cause damage for years following it and would continue to cause death. As a result, people built bomb shelters in their backyards as well as at schools. In public places they also practiced attack drills. It also caused many psychological reactions such as tension, fear and anxiety within the countries, showing signs of an increase…

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  • Joint Force Disadvantages

    Force 2025 must be rebalanced to meet these 21st century threats and to fully support our core U.S. interests of national security, a vibrant economy, universal values, and international order. Given the likely threats and the current fiscal environment, the general capabilities of Joint Force 2025 that are paramount to meeting the challenges of the 21st century are nuclear deterrence, counter terror/ special operations forces (CT/SOF), and air/sea. U.S. defense strategy relies on the three…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Deterrence

    also helps induce moral acceptability, is communication. Effective communication to the enemy of moral focal points helps to allow increased stability in nuclear deterrence. Communication is not always practiced verbally, but sometimes through the actions of a state. Thomas Schelling refers to the diplomacy of violence, explaining the varied nature of communication in nuclear deterrence. This paper asserts that there is a direct link between maintaining morally driven rationality, and nuclear…

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  • New Nuclear Era Or Continued Peace

    Continued Peace The world has seen the use of Nuclear Weapons only twice in combat, both uses were during World War 2 and used by and first developed by the United States. Since then the majority of dominant Nations have each amassed large quantities and stores of their own Nuclear weapons. Ranging from bombs, to Intercontinental Ballistic missiles, and MIRV’s or multiple independently target-able re-entry vehicles. Most countries of the world have some sort of nuclear weapon and yet we have…

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  • Innovations During The Cold War

    Starting at the end of WWII, the rate of technological advancement increased exponentially. The invention long range missiles, nuclear reactors, and rockets capable of space travel prompted the development of a newly emerging technology; electronic computation and communication. Near the end of WWII, british scientist Alan Turing created one of the first functional digital computers in order to crack a secret German code. After the war ended, computational technology to advance. In 1946 Turing…

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  • North Korea Essay

    Though the country may not be an imminent threat to the U.S. mainland, although they claim North Korea claims there is, it is of very large danger to the countries of lesser distance than the United States. Nuclear warfare is not a new introduction in the world, and as seen in the Cold War it brings a major scare to many people globally. One nuclear missile, misguided, could cause a global outbreak in chaos and possibly a third world war. Missiles and GPS jammers bring forward a serious worry to…

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  • Sea Levels: The Causes And Effects Of Global Warming

    into the Atlantic Ocean. These effects have been seen with the island slowing disappearing over the last few decades with mild increases in temperature, but if the mass emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil fuels isn’t decreased or eliminated, not only would the Marshal Islands be completely covered, but parts of the United States like San Francisco’s coasts, the Boston Bay area, and so many other major costal cities in the United States could be the next victim of rising sea levels. The…

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