Nuclear warfare

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  • Nuclear Warfare: The Destruction Of Atomic Warfare

    Imagine sitting at home after a long day’s work, with no care in the world. A news headline comes across the radio that a nuclear bomb has potential to strike your nation. That may be how Japanese citizens felt when the United States threatened to use such deadly force against them. A special set of U.S. scientist assembled a petition to warn the President of the catastrophic effects that nuclear warfare could have on the United States if they used it against Japan. This group of individuals were not just any scientist, but scientist that specialized in the field of atomic power. They knew if the path of atomic warfare was pursued, there was going to be horrible destruction and consequences to face. In, “A Petition to the President of the United…

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  • Nuclear Warfare In Kenneth Rose's One Nation Underground

    One Nation Underground thoroughly analyzes America’s view about the Cold War and considerations for nuclear fallout shelters. The Cold War had many effects on American people. With the nuclear arms race approaching and America not being able to catch up to the Soviet Union, American people began to wonder what was in store for them in the coming future. This time period brought mixed views about what needs to be done to protect the United States from nuclear warfare as well as characteristics of…

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  • How Nuclear Warfare Has Changed Modern War

    difficult. Nuclear warfare has brought forth academics from every sector, ranging from environmentalist to philosophers. Unlike many other ways in which conflict has been fought, nuclear weapons have only been used twice in warfare: Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing over 225,000 civilians . If nuclear warfare has only been executed once, why is there still fear associated with those two words? The answer is simple. The fear comes from nations using nuclear deterrence.…

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  • Doomsday Seed Vaults

    The Doomsday Seed Vault: The Syrian War Prompts First Withdrawal There is a "doomsday" vault built in an Arctic mountainside to safeguard global food supplies. Now for the first time since the vault was opened on the Svalbard archipelago in 2008, seeds have been withdrawn. The original intent or charter if you will is designed to protect crop seeds such as beans, rice, and wheat against the worst cataclysms of nuclear war or disease (Doyle, 2015). Once you crack the seal, or pop the cork as the…

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  • Review Of President Harmony Clifton's 'Follow The Bloody Brick Road'

    World War 3 the nuclear war Backstory Year 2030, President Harmony Clifton was at her desk reading her schedule for the week. Little did she know that a foreign surprise was coming to take over the world starting with her first . The foreign surprise was the leader of North Korea, Zorga Zang. His idea of ruling the world by starting a third world war by nuclear annihilation. He plans to raise an army of Zorganons (zombie like creatures that were born by nuclear explosion) to take over the…

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  • The Role Of India's External Security In India

    telecommunications and cyber sectors could allow effective off-shoring of our low-level cyber capability and information processing operations. Developing new models of operating in the global information age are essential if we wish to match threats from Russia, Chinese and other emerging nations in the near future. As a nuclear capable state since the 1970s, India’s nuclear policy is professed by its ‘minimal effective deterrence’ posture. Indeed, it is widely acknowledged that India…

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  • Violence In Cormac Mccarthy's The Road

    The manmade apocalypse The concept has been pondered for decades: what would our world look like if we were to succumb to a nuclear apocalypse? The critically acclaimed author, Cormac McCarthy, devises his own interpretation of a fallout, and expresses it through his literary masterpiece, The Road. McCarthy’s novel shares the experiences of a father and son wandering through an ash-filled and decimated wasteland in a post-nuclear war scenario, and their encounters with the few remaining…

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  • Nuclear Weapons During The Cold War Essay

    outbreak of nuclear warfare during the Cold War. The stance against the employment of nuclear weapons arose from shifting norms in international society, as states were prompted to dedicate themselves to preventative war. Additionally, it was challenged whether the enormously devastating impact of nuclear weapons was ethically sound and whether it could be effectively used militarily. The notion that there was no winner to a nuclear war, however, predominately restricted states from resorting to…

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  • Hiroshima And The Cold War Essay

    The bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki drastically altered international politics by changing the scope and consequences of international warfare, as well as causing a widespread hysteria over the use of nuclear warfare that led to conflicts such as the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union. On August 6, 1945, the world was changed forever. On that fateful day the United States plunged the world into the chaos of nuclear warfare by dropping the first nuclear bomb in world…

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  • Last Night Of The World Theme

    Imagine this: you are fully aware that at any given second, on any given day, the world as you know it could come to an end. What would you do with your slim amount of time left? Would you spend all your hard-earned money and start crossing items off your bucket list? Would you do what makes you unexplainably happy? Or would you simply spend it with loved ones in the place you cherish most? Ray Bradbury’s short story, “The Last Night of the World” highlights American citizens’ fear of the world…

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